YouTube Education, Trends and Creator Hub – Great Resources

YouTube Education, Trends and Creator Hub – Great Resources

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On my recent visit to Google’s NYC office, we spent much of the time discussing YouTube. YouTube has so much more to offer than just its home page where you can search for videos or subscribe to channels. The YouTube Creator Hub, YouTube Trends and YouTube Education are three wonderful resources you should know about.

YouTube Education website

YouTube Education

YouTube Edu is like a YouTube channel for subject matter, but so much bigger. There are videos for primary and secondary education, college and university level and lifelong learning.

1. Primary and Secondary education – Nearly a million teacher approved entertaining educational videos. Some recommended videos are:

2. University

If there is a subject you want to learn about, there will be a video for it on YouTube Education. There are videos from thousands of schools on hundreds of subjects. Some of the schools with the most videos on YouTube are Khan Academy, MIT, UCBerkeley, Stanford and Yale.

3. Lifelong Learning

This group of YouTube education videos contains a variety of videos from a wide range of sources. They aren’t divided into subject matter. There are videos from creators such as TedTalks, National Geographic, NASAtelevision, Animal Planet, Google Developers, Soul Pancake and Lonely Planet. I’m sorry that I left it out of my recent post on Websites to Keep You Learning and Thinking.


YouTube Trends website

YouTube Trends

Just as with Google Search, you can find out what is trending on YouTube at the YouTube Trends website. It actually looks very different that Google Trends, mostly because YouTube trends is a blog. At the top of the page you will see the 4 hottest videos as of 4am that morning. After that are blog posts. I do like the recently added Map tab which shows videos that are most popular throughout the country AND by age.


YouTube Creator Hub website

YouTube Creator HuB

For those of you that create videos, and never knew about the YouTube Creator Hub (I admit that was me until recently), you must check this out.  You won’t believe how much information, tips, guides and help is offered here for free:

1. Education – Lessons on everything you want to know, some in video form:

  • Getting started – basics, stay safe, copyright, monetization
  • Building a Cohesive Channel Strategy – hook viewers, calls to action, schedule, playlists, special events
  • Optimize Content – metadata, thumbnails, annotations, optimize channel, channel feed
  • Engage with Community – build, collaborate, advertise, leverage G+, share on blogs
  • Create a Production Strategy – copyright protection, refine storytelling, scripting and scheduling, camera basics, editing
  • Earn Money – eligibility, partner, ads, link, types of ads
  • Creator Academy – Online Courses 

2. Programs and Tools – Some very cool things here, not for everyone

  • Next Creator – A flagship development program designed to train and mentor the next big comic, chef, reporter, cause vlogger, etc.  You need to apply and the terms are different for each category.
  • Content Creation Tools – Google Analytics, YouTube editor, YouTube Enhance, Captions, Partner promotion, mobile distribution and advertising.
  • Support and Working together

Is there any YouTube information that I might have left out? YouTube has a wealth of content and also a wealth of opportunity for video creators. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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If you enjoyed, please share
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  1. I love YouTube and all the ways you can customize it now. My son spends a lot of time on there and it’s nice that he can easily find the things he’s looking for.

  2. First, how cool you got to go to Google’s Headquarters and 2nd, that is great idea to have a Google Edu Channel. Thanks for sharing.

  3. As a teacher, I have depended on YouTube for quite a few uses. It’s great resource!

  4. Great post, I find that I use Youtube mainly for educational purposes for myself!

  5. What great information, I will definitely look into these. I definitely depend on YouTube for lots.

  6. Thank you! Breaking it down like this makes it so much more accessible. I need to learn a lot about creating my own videos and I feel a little bit more comfortable searching for what I need after reading your post. I can move past just randomly finding videos and now look for what I really want to find!

  7. That is so awesome that you got to visit Google’s NY office. I didn’t know about all the YouTube Edu. That’s pretty awesome! They are always finding new ways to get the best information quickly.

  8. my friend homeschools- i wonder if she knows all that you tube offers! i’m going to tell her!


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