World Water Day – Water Is Just The Beginning

waterday5 World Water Day   Water Is Just The Beginning

The United Nations has established March 22nd as World Water Day. Why do we need a day devoted to water? Because we must make the world aware of the 11% of the population who do not have safe drinking water. Did you know that 2,000 children a year die from the lack of clean water?

Clean drinking water and sanitary conditions are what is needed to help these people build better lives. That is why WaterAid (learn more about WaterAid in this previous post) has made a video called  Water is Just the Beginning. Please watch it here:

Water is just the beginning because it:

waterday3 World Water Day   Water Is Just The Beginning
  • Reduces the burden on hospitals
  • Makes chores easier
  • Makes life’s simple pleasure’s possible
  • Puts food on the table
  • Keeps children learning
  • Gives women more dignity
  • Helps save people’s eyesight
  • Helps beat hunger
  • Makes childbirth safer
  • Empowers women
  • Protects people from disaster
  • Has transformed Lives throughout history
On Friday March 22, 2013, there will be a World Water Day Google+ hangout celebration at 1:30pm ET. Join Google for nonprofits and iJustine to learn how you can help raise awareness. You can also read all about World Water Day 2013 on the WaterAid website.
What else can you do? You can follow WaterAid on Facebook and Twitter. You can share this information with everyone you know. Sign up to receive emails and stay informed. You can donate money to help transform lives through clean water. And you can go to this post about the Water for the World Act and sign the petition to help it pass.


  1. Great article with helpful resources! It’s such a big issue, yet a lot of people aren’t aware of how many people lack access to clean water on a daily basis & how important it is.

  2. This is such an important cause and it is important to get awareness out there!!!

  3. This is such an important issue and one that is rarely discussed. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Thanks for sharing this great cause.. soo glad more people are taking action and getting aware of the issues. THANK YOU… will share with my friends.

  5. I did know about this problem and it is a worthy cause. So many take for granted the resources we have and don’t realize that others do not have it.

  6. what an important cause and thanks you so much for sharing. I feel very blessed yet sometimes take for granted without realizing it how luck i am to have access to clean water.

  7. Thank you Jennifer for helping bring attention to this issue. It is solvable but we need everybody to step up in any way they can.

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