Why Lost is the Best TV Show to Watch with your Teens

When watching a television show with someone, you want it to be one you both enjoy. If the show also invites discussion, all the better. However Lost takes this even further. Lost actually necessitates discussion to fully enjoy it. To get the most out of Lost you need to discuss it, examine it, take it apart, re-watch it and discuss it some more.

This television show has brought my family together more than any other. From the first season on, my sons and I would visit the message boards after each show to get more information. Figuring out what is really happening on Lost requires online reading. There are many people there that freeze frame or slo-mo rewind different parts to find things that the regular viewer never would. Since we each read different message boards, articles or reviews, we would yell out or IM each other with what we discovered (One of the best is Doc Jensen’s weekly article in Entertainment Weekly.

All of the above would not matter if Lost wasn’t also one of the most enjoyable, intelligent and exciting shows currently on the air. The combination of great producers, fantastic writers and an amazing cast are what make you want to watch it. The mysterious plot, literary and science fiction references that may or may not mean something and life or death situations are what make you want to discuss it.

There are a few others shows that we also watch that meet the above criteria, namely Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and Dexter. However, as much as we love these shows, and we do discuss them, the level of discussion never reached the same level as it does with Lost. I don’t know if it’s because we began watching Lost first or if it’s that Lost lends itself to more discussion because of all the mysteries and theories, but I think that will always be our favorite family show.
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  1. I agree, Lost works as a family sit down and watch time and that is increasingly rare.

    ‘Survivor’ works like that for us too,oddly enough. My wife and I have watched it since series 1 and the kids have grown up into it :)

    This last week, I rented a box set of ‘Pushing Daisies’ and my son and I enjoyed the quirkiness and fun of that.

  2. My family used to have that with Survivor, especially Season 2, but then one by one everyone stopped watching. My son and I keep saying we should watch Pushing Daisies but so far haven’t had time.

  3. LOST is the best show ever! :D

  4. Anon, I couldn’t agree more!

  5. LOST is the best show to ever appear on television. I love it.

  6. I don’t like LOST that much
    Don’t know why other people can love it so much :D

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