Where do you and your teens get your daily news?

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The Colbert ReportImage via WikipediaThere was a day when almost everybody got their daily news from the same few types of media. The only choices were the local newspaper, the national news on network TV and the local news on your local affiliate station. So everybody in the same family pretty much all read or heard the same new and could discuss it. Cable television and the Internet has changed that completely.

Today, the original ways of getting news listed above are losing readers and viewers. Many TV viewers get their news from cable shows or 24 hours news channels. Many news readers now read their news online, either from newspaper websites, TV news websites or blogs. We can now choose the news we want based on our preferences and interests.

As it turns out, everyone in my family, my husband and two teenagers and myself, all get our news in different ways. I don’t know if this is typical, but here is an example of differences by sex and age, at least in my house:

Me – Occasional NY Times
Husband – Wall Street Journal, Occasional NY Times
Both Sons – None

Me – Today show, Entertainment news shows, MSNBC during election times
Husband – Golf Channel, local news
Older Son – The Daily Show, The Colbert Report
Younger Son – none

Me – Google and Yahoo News, Slate, NY Times, Huffington Post and hundreds of other blogs on every topic
Husband – Business and Stock sites
Older Son – Fark, Ain’t it Cool News, other entertainment news sites
Younger Son – His buddies on IM

Now that I can get the weather, sports scores and TV and movie listings online, I find that there is no need to watch the local news or buy local newspapers. Anything else I should know I can get elsewhere.

What about your family? Where do you get your daily news from?

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  1. devilish southern belle :

    This is probably something I shouldn’t admit to, but I rarely stay abreast of the news. I do watch the local news (or hit their website) to try to stay on top of what is going on immediately around us. And when something really big happens, I look for it at CNN. I guess I don’t really have a preference.


  2. This is a great topic–I was just discussing it with an uncle the other day because he was bemoaning the fact that his kids never read the newspaper, and he felt that was the best way to keep up with news. I usually rely more on Google and Yahoo News because they provide access to a wider range of topics than what’s usually covered in local newspapers and on TV.

  3. As much as I say I’m going to stop watching the news because of how depressing it is, I still find myself tuned in every evening! I’m still a local t.v. news girl myself. A lot of the other venues I find are more entertaining than actually news worthy.

  4. I keep the NY Times online as my homepage, and catch up every morning. I also have a local newspaper’s online site bookmarked and take a look at that each day. I just don’t have the time to sit down and have a leisurely look at an actual newspaper. My teenage daughter gets news online when something happens that is of interest to her and her friends, and then word spreads through IM to take a look at whatever it is that has piqued their interest. I agree the days of everyone in the family getting news from the same source are over.

  5. I don’t like to read newspapers. I prefer to read them on-line when I have time. My dad still reads the paper. Having newspapers in your house is really messy looking and creates a lot of unecessary trash.

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