When Technology Fails – The Need to Adapt

Restaurant Computerized Order System

I was flabbergasted by a story that my sister-in-law recounted for me. It shows how unprepared businesses can be when technology fails.

Carol went out to lunch with her son to a restaurant in Florida. They ordered and about a half hour later they still had not been served. She called over the waitress to see what was taking so long and was told that the computers weren’t working so their order had not been put in. Carol asked why the waitress could not just walk to the back and give the order manually and was told it could not be done. In the mean time, the place was packed because nobody was leaving since their orders couldn’t be made and there was a line out the door.

Is it just me or is this crazy? I can understand if they said they couldn’t take credit cards. But to not manually place the orders for people willing to pay cash is just bad business. They had no idea when the computer would be back on and they just let customers sit there rather than handing written orders to the chef. Are businesses so reliant on technology that they can’t perform at all when it breaks down?

I think that every business needs to train their employees on what to do if something like this happens. I love technology as much as anyone, but we have to realize that there are always alternatives. The employees at this restaurant couldn’t fathom giving in the orders any other way than what they were used to. Fail!

What do you think?


  1. You are dead on. Once we give the power to the machines, we become as those in Farenheit 451. And the solution was so very easy too!

  2. This is a failure of critical thinking skills. We need to teach our kids how to think, without this ability we are doomed as a nation.

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