Water For The World Act – How You Can Help It Pass

Water For The World Act – How You Can Help It Pass

Tomorrow, March 22, is World Water Day. It is a day to make everyone aware of the 768 million people around the world that do not have safe drinking water. When I’ve written about this problem, and the amazing WaterAid charity, in the past, it was mostly to raise awareness and ask for donations. Now I have a more important task to ask of you, which would bring much bigger results. [Tweet “Please help get the Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act of 2013 H.R. 2901 passed.”]

Water For The World Act

The Reason We Need to get the Water For the World Act Passed

Before I tell you how you can help out, I want to give you an idea of how the lives of these millions of people without clean water are impacted daily. We can’t even imagine. I tried to think of a time when I didn’t have water and the worst story I could think of was when a water main burst near my house and I had an interview the next day and I couldn’t shower. Here are some of the problems that the 768 million have to deal with:

  • Around 700,000 children die every year from water-related diseases. That’s almost 2,000 children a day.
  • The average woman in developing countries typically walks an average distance of four miles a day on her trek for water.
  • Girls often miss school because they spend hours each day collecting water or are sick with water-related diseases.
  • The hours spent collecting water reduce the time women can spend earning money, growing food or caring for their families.

Water For The World Act

What the Water For The World Act Will Do

In 2005, the Senator Paul Simon Water for the Poor Act (WASH) was made into law. However, over the years, it appeared that improvements need to be made, which is the reason for the Water For The World Act. The new improvements would be:

  • More transparency on funding choices and impact.
  • More focus on those most in need for the biggest impact.
  • More and smarter partnerships, including with beneficiary governments, so we work ourselves out of business faster.

And the best part is that the Water For The World Act would not spend any new money. It would spend it wisely and coordinate the funds better. And it has bipartisan support in the House.

Water For The World Act

How can you help get the Water For The World Act passed?

Writing a letter to your representative is the best way that you can help. WaterAid makes this very easy for you to do. Just click on this WaterAid Take Action page and you can fill in your information and are given a template letter that you can personalize or just click send. Getting this bill passed is somewhat time sensitive. If the Water for the World Act is not passed by midterm elections, then it has to start all over again.

So what else can you do? Make sure that you know that the name of the act is Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act of 2013  and its bill number is H.R. 2901. You can tweet about it and look for tweets using #Water4World for more information. Write your own blog post. Share this post. Talk about it. Just think what your life would be like without clean water!

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  1. I sent the letter. And I was a huge Paul Simon fan, as I lived in MN for a while. Great populist progressive.

  2. You know I’m with you on this one, Jennifer. It was because of your invitation to come to your apartment and meet/hear Hallie Tamez last year that I got interested in WaterAid. I will never forget that day, and the stories, both happy and tragic, that she shared.

    Let’s hope our work helps to educate and spread awareness about this plight. And this bill will be signed, I pray.

    PS Isn’t what Jennifer Barbour doing amazing? If I were younger I would have loved to do what she is doing. Good for her!

  3. Thanks for letting us know about this. Taking care of the planet and making sure people have water is SMART!

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