Watch: Playing Video Games Bonds Grandfather and Grandson

With so many people badmouthing video games lately, it is so nice to watch this wonderful video of an 84 year old grandfather playing games with his grandson. Even though they are shooting games, do this grandfather and grandson look like they are becoming violent. This is a sweet video showing them having a great time and bonding.

This is a much watch video:

How does this video make you feel. It makes me happy. I hope that when I become a grandparent that I can have that much fun with my grandkids.

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  1. My hubby plays video games…. so I love them they keep him occupied so I can do my own thing.
    MY oldest is 5 and I let him play games on his little hand held game. Right now he has mario and some elmo game. He loves it I just try to make sure he don’t spend to much time on there.

  2. The cutest thing EVER! So enthusiastic!

  3. Middle-aged Diva (Carol) :

    I love this–would love to know how the grandpa learned and how he likes it!

  4. The grandpa is like little kid with all those noises!!

  5. The Mid Life Guru :

    My husband gets a lot of flack from his peers for playing video games with his son and son-in-laws. It is a great release for them, they share a hobby, and they know when to quit. Playing video games got my son-in-law a job with Microsoft. I support family video game together time.

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