TripIt Pro Adds Seat Tracker – Another Useful Alert

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The TripIt app and website has been my favorite travel planning tool for awhile now. When I was given a free upgrade to TripIt Pro I thought, this is as good as a travel tool can get. The people at TripIt just proved me wrong. They have now added a new alert to the many alerts we can receive. After you book a plane reservation and book your seat, TripIt Pro will constantly track seat reservations on your flight and let you know as soon as a better seat becomes available!

For someone like me, who only like aisle seats, this is as good as it gets. To say I don’t love flying is an understatement. There are so many hassles involved before you even get on the plane. Then, to be stuck in a middle seat is torture. 
If you’ve never used TripIt, you are missing it. The free app stores all your travel plans in one place. Until I began using it I didn’t realize how helpful that was. Everytime I went on a trip I would be searching my emails for my flight info, my hotel confirmation, etc. TripIt scours your email and puts all the information together on your account both on its website and your app so you have it handy wherever you go.
TripIt Pro, which is $49 a year, but you can try for free for 30 days (definitely do that) has always been about the alerts, which you can choose which to receive and how you want to get them. These are the alerts offered:
  • Flight delays, cancellations and gate changes
  • Find alternative flights fast
  • Track all your points from all airlines and hotels – I needed this
  • If you are eligible for any type of refund on your airfare, you will find out immediately
There are other benefits to TripIt pro as well, such as a complimentary 1-year memberships to Hertz #1 Club Gold and Regus Gold and VIP car rental and access to 1,200 business lounges worldwide. It amazes me every time I use a another benefit for the first time.
I used to be an extremely organized person. For whatever reason, maybe just too much going on, I need help in that area lately. And for me, TripIt has been a savior. Having TripIt Organize all my travel plans in one place without me having to do anything is magic. If you don’t at least get the free app that does that, you are crazy. It is like having a personal assistant.
And then there is TripIt Pro. The alerts do the heavy work. I don’t have to go online and check if there are any changes to my flights. I never found a way to keep my points organized. And now, that seat alert looks to be a savior.

For $49, TripIt Pro would make a great gift for any travelers you know. There is even a TripIt Pro Gift Page where they will send you wrapping materials for your gift card. With Father’s Day not far away, this would make an awesome gift.

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Full Disclosure: I received one year on TripIt Pro for free to review it. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Melissa Pezza :

    This would be great because we travel all the time!!!

  2. Danielle Royalegacy :

    I will be needing this app when we start traveling this summer. Thanks!

  3. That sounds like a great application! I do not travel often – but should the need arise it is helpful knowing this exists. Thank you!

  4. My whole family travels alot – this would be so great to have!

  5. I have used it for my last trip. I instantly organized my flight and rent a car. info. i did not have to search for the emails.

    I really think it is a cool app

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