Toys and Games For Tweens and Teens For Holiday Gifts

Toys and Games For Tweens and Teens For Holiday Gifts

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While you are probably looking to buy toys and games for your tweens,  you might think that your teens are too old for them. You’d be surprised. Many toys and games, especially those that are tech related, have opened themselves up to a much larger and older audience.

Check out these Toys and Games for your Teens and Tweens for 2014 Holiday Gifts:

game tweens holiday gift

Gravity Maze from Think Fun

Gravity Maze is a 3D puzzle where you have to put it together correctly for the marble to run through it. The box says it is for ages 8 to 15. However, when I received the game to review, my 25-year-old son loved it. It is a great logic game with 60 challenges ranging from beginner to expert. The game involves and tests your visual perception and reasoning skills. It really is three games in one. Building, logic, and marble run. “It’s a completely hands-on, playful, open-ended STEM engineering experience.” It is a single player game, so it can be played at any time.

Think Fun is one of my absolute favorite game makers. Gravity Maze has won ASTRA’s Best Toy for Kids, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, Parents’ Choice Gold Award, National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Gold Award and Major Fun Awards. Also check out Think Fun’s Laser Maze Logic Game, for a high-tech logic game for tweens and teens that has a real laser.

For new Thinkfun games for 2015, see Thinkfun Games: Educational Holiday Gifts For Tweens.

MiP Robot

Toys robots gifts tweens

The MiP is an adorable robot for tweens. Through hand motions and a free app (iOS and Android) you can control your MiP and have it do many things. The MiP has a personality and will make happy and sad sounds. You can get it to dance, do tricks, follow a path and so much more. See full article on all of MiP’s features.

Ozobot World’s Smallest SMART Robot

The Ozobot is not a robot in the same way that MiP is. It is a robot playing piece that can be programmed to move and follow paths on paper and apps. The award-winning Ozobot teaches teens robotics and coding through fun, creative and social games. There is an active community of teens using Ozobot that share their creations. Learn more at Digital Gaming With Ozobot Robot Makes Great Gift For Teens.

Crayola Design Pro Sets

gifts tweens fashion design

Crayola Virtual Design Pro-Fashion Set – Kids age 6-15 create fashion designs on paper and then, through a virtual experience, see them come to life. After completing their design, your kids just scan it through the fashion show app and  the design appears on a model. The set comes with a design portfolio, 20-page sketch book, 36 colored pencils, pencil sharpener, 20 markers, 4 stencils, and My Virtual Fashion Show app.

Crayola Virtual Design Pro-Cars Set – I love that Crayola also made a design set that most boys will love, although both boys and girls can use either set. Kids 6-15 design cars and the app will help customize them and do stunts.

Engineering toys tweens gifts Goldie Blox Engineering Kits For Girls

Goldie Blox are engineering kits made specifically for girls to get them interested in building, gears, levers and so on. These kits are different from other engineering kits because the CEO researched gender and found that girls learn better from stories rather than directions. So each kit includes a storybook. The kits are for tweens and younger. They sell at a variety of prices depending on the size of the kit. (See the Goldie Blox float in the Thanksgiving parade!)!

The Extraordinaires Design Studio

tween teens gifts design

This is so much more than a game. If your teens or tweens have any interest or talent at all in the design field (any type – graphic, interior, etc), this design studio is like having an internship. In addition to drawing, players learn what else is involved in a career in design. It is also fun. The clients are weird-looking creatures and you are tasked with creating something for them, such as a music player for a giant. Then there are cards that ask you to think about changing and improving your design. This would also make a great gift for a young adult going into design. Read a review of the Extraordinaires Design Studio.


Osmo is a set of three tangible games, that work with an iPad, for kids and tweens ages six and up. However, once it is in the home, teens and adults of all ages will want to play it also. Check out the Osmo giveaway I am running through 11pm ET on December 3, 2014. It will make a great gift for a tween.

Teens toy gift holidays 2014

Simon Swipe Game

An update to the Simon memory game now has 4 games, including the classic Simon game. The new game has touch screen technology, which adds an extra challenge to the game. The Simon is lighter to make it easier to pass around. Great gift for teens and tweens.

I hope that you found some interesting toys and games that your teens and/or tweens might like. I’ve already written lists about books, and technology and I’ll be writing video game recommendations soon.

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