Toys and Games for Teens and Tweens Holiday Gifts

When it comes to holiday gifts, no set of lists would be complete without a list of toys and games for teens and tweens. While I have already published a list of recommended video games, here are my recommendation for more tangible toys and games.

AppGear – AppGear makes a variety of toy/app video games. These games come with figures or other objects that are used with a game app for tablets or smartphones. The AppGear Elite Commandar game comes with a virtual reality gun. These make inexpensive fun gifts for game lovers.

Glo-Glo Inkoos – Inkoos are cute pillow characters that kids and tweens can draw and decorate with washable markers. The Glo-Glo light pen that comes with this set makes your Inkoos glow in the dark.

Magic Show – Magic tricks for kids ages 8 and up. While there are many sets to buy, the Spectacular Magic Show with Performance Table comes with over 100 tricks and props and will keep any young magician busy for a long time.

Mystixx Vampires – Dolls in which you can change from a regular teenage girl to a vampire and back. Mix & match hair, face and clothes.

LiteBrix – Build a variety of models using Lite Brix lighted building bricks, which feature four color LEDs that come to life when you plug the battery power pack into the model. The building system includes special connector pieces to attach the Lite Brix to each other, so you can build the model on different angles, and translucent pieces that glow with color from the LEDs. The finished products are so cool and beautiful to look at. Small to big projects so that it is a great gift for tweens and teens.

Dabble – A mix of Scrabble and Boggle, Dabble requires that you form five words of different lengths before the timer runs out. See full review of Dabble.

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  1. I’ll have to check out Magic Show…for my mini magician!

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