Top 5 Blogs for keeping up with Entertainment and Pop Culture

There are many types of things to read to help you keep up with pop culture. One of the best is blogs. Here is a list of 5 of the best blogs to help you communicate with your teens:

1. Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Watch – subtitled “keeping an eye on pop culture”. Deals with all forms of entertainment and pop culture. From the writers of Entertainment Weekly, my favorite magazine.
2. BuzzSugar – postings are mostly about television, movies and celebrities. This blog is part of the Sugar Network, a network of blogs aimed at women.
3.  HuffingtonPostTV (formerly AOLTV formerly TV Squad) – A television blog written by many different authors that covers anything and everything about TV. You can find recaps of most major TV shows within hours of airing, news, videos, polls and more.
4. Perez Hilton – Definitely written for a younger audience. You might not like it but good for skimming to see what your teens might be reading about. Most postings are about celebrity gossip.
5. Best Week Ever (Now part of VH1) – This blog also skews younger but can be very funny.
The last two sites are not for everyone. They have nudity and coarse language and are recommended
only because many teens read them. The first 3 blogs should be enjoyable for all.

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