Top 3 Student College Review Websites

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There are many steps that going into picking the perfect college. A very important factor is how the current and former students feel about their school. That is why college review sites in which students do the reviewing are a necessary part of the search process. Since both of my sons have already entered college, I have gone through the decision process with a teenager twice. In my opinion, these are the best three websites for finding student’s opinions on colleges:

The Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 2011: Students on Campus Tell You What You Really Want to Know, 37th Edition1. Unigo – Unigo is the newest of the 4, and also has the most features. College students share not only reviews of their school, but videos, photos and much more. The website is interactive so that high school students can network with the college students. Unigo is continually updated and there are at least 60 or so reviews per college. You will also find forums and articles on every topic. Unigo has revolutionized the college review website.
Complete Book of Colleges, 2011 Edition (College Admissions Guides)
2. College Prowler – College Prowler publishes short college guides written by college students. Most of the important information is now available online on the College Prowler website. Based on students feedback, colleges are graded in areas such as housing, dining, computers, strictness, diversity, safety, academics, athletics and many, many more areas. Student quotes are included also.

U.S. News Ultimate College Guide 2011, 8E3. College Confidential – This website is actually made up almost completely of forums. There is a wealth a knowledge to be found in these forums. I spent hours and hours here a few years back. There are both many teens and parents on the site. There are sections for college search, college admissions, financial aid, etc. One of the things that I liked most about College Confidential was discussing the colleges with other teens and parents that were also searching. One caveat, a fairly high percent of teens on these forums are applying to top tier colleges.
Fiske Guide to Colleges 2011, 27E

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  1. You might want to add to your list of sites to look at. Here, students create profiles and can search for colleges via the google style search engine. Unlike most sites that offer college information, the pages viewed are under the control of the college which means the information contained within the site is current. When this site is combined with information provided by other sites by students (such as unigo), prospective applicants can get a real indepth look at the colleges they are interested. also gives students the opportunity to ask questions directly to guidance and college admission experts and get answers in a private setting. CRios

  2. In addition to the list you have here, there’s which also does reviews from a student’s perspective.

    I’ve found that StuVu features a lot of schools including 4yr, 2yr and vocational schools which gives the student more schools to explore.

  3. I am adding these sites to my favorites.

  4. Nice list Jennifer! I wish I had this when I was trying to select a college! (Which feels like years ago) haha

    Nice to see someone taking the time to actual review the service and offer an opinion based on how useful the site and information is. I’m glad my college days are done woot 🙂

  5. second time around on the kid college search and I am a big fan of Unigo. My daughter is at UW Madison and has friends who are doing this, they keep it pretty real

  6. Amy, thanks for sharing your experience with Unigo.

  7. Just sent you an email Jennifer! Great rundown you have here, please also check out CollegeTimes at

    Great content, and best of luck! =)

  8. This is the best site I have never seen it tells about the best colleges and helps us to find the best…

  9. is also one that I used. It’s also an excellent tool!

  10. on-line-school :

    This seems to be a great site for Online-School-Reviews and Student College Reviews.I have got sufficient information about best online colleges and school reviews from

  11. Hi! This is a wonderful and very helpful entry! Thanks for posting your review on colleges websites! This is very helpful for me! I also think your blog contains lots of information necessary for any custom writing service I hope you keep up!

  12. Your creative writing abilities has inspired me.

  13. The problem I’ve found with every college review site so far is that it’s very hard for real student comments to get through. I had a problem at WCTC in Wisconsin, where I was an adult student returning just for my own info (I already have a B.A. from UW). An older man there was under the delusion that he was stalking/harassing me on behalf of the rock star Sting, but when he told this to the teacher, the teacher didn’t reach out to me about the problem, and I never heard that he even reported it. I consider that problem student to be a predator, and I’ve met a few others that I’d put in that category at that particular school (not that UW didn’t have them when I attended, but they took the problem seriously, even expelled professors). I’ve since tried to post an honest assessment of the school — it’s cheap, easy to get into, but classes are usually full and you often can’t get the ones you need for years, plus it has a problems with predators like that man. (He somehow managed to turn up in more than one of my classes.) Is this the kind of place where you want to send your daughter, and if it is, don’t you think she could benefit from that info, to be careful of sexual predators and the mentally ill? It is after all a community college where it’s easy for those types to enroll, plus if they’re seniors they can enroll in all the classes they want for free, it’s an old predator’s dream! Well, you can’t have that information, because so far not one university comments site would post it. We need a site that allows HONEST posts, not just the ones that flatter the colleges.

  14. classic celebrities :

    My sister was at College Prowler and then transferred to Unigo this year.. so far she’s getting what she needs and want and the videos and interactive features works for her.

  15. No mention of StudentsReview ( one of the older sites…no pictures but tons of reviews both flattering and unflattering, with some at least a thousand words long. Their server goes down during the winter break for maintenence (the site is locked right now) but I found it really useful.

  16. Trabajar Desde Tu Casa :

    College review sites are helpful, thanks.

  17. College Review Web sits are really helpful and helps to find out the best option for you.


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