Top 10 Technology Blogs for Parents

Are you overwhelmed by Technology? Technology is taking over our lives, especially if we have families to worry about. As much as I try to help out here on Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology, there is only so much one blog can do. Here are 10 other tech blogs written by parents for parents.

Mom Blogs

1. The Online Mom – Provides Internet technology advice and information to help parents protect their kids, encourage responsible behavior and safely harness the power of technology in the new digital world. Social networking, photo sharing, video games, IM & texting, internet security, cyberbullying, educational resources, the latest on tech hardware, gadgets and software for kids 3-8, tweens and teens, and more.

2. Techmamas – A tech blog with a parenting slant that discusses technology and gadgets for families.

3. Geek Mom – A companion site to Wired’s Geek Dad (see below), the focus of the blog is on reviews for moms.

4. Tech Savvy Mama – Helps parents select quality technology resources for their children.

5. Cool Mom Tech – The intersection of tech and style, of parenting, practicality and fabulosity, written by moms who use tech in their everyday lives and want to share all the cool tech items.


6. GeekDad – Raising geek generation 2.0. Dads writing about technology and pop culture that they can share with their kids. Any wonder why I love this Wired blog.

7. High Tech Dad Blog – Provides product reviews of hardware and software, as well as writing fix-its, how-to’s and other tips and tricks.

8. Dads on Tech – Rely on the conversation, not the technology. An informational site designed to provide the very best possible technical information to dads and families, helping educate parents to be digitally aware.


9. Techlicious – Tech Made Simple. Not officially a parenting site, it is written for the laymen and it does have a “family and kids” section.

10. Boomer Tech Talk – Demystifying Technology and Social Media. Not written specifically for family, but Boomer Tech Talk understands that it’s important to stay relevant and connected to our fast-changing world.  It’s for parents who want to keep up with their kids.  It’s for adults who want to get their parents to keep up with them.  It’s for anyone who is open and willing to learn.

Are there any other family technology websites or blogs that you would recommend?

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