Tiger Woods PGA Tour with PlayStation Move

I recently received a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for the PS3. It is PS Move compatible and by using the Move you get an extremely realistic golf experience. Golfers will love this video game.

My family has mostly played sports games, such as Wii Sports, where there is no need to move the controller the way you would in real life. In fact our sons would laugh at us because we would go all out while they would barely move and yet they still beat us.
I first played Tiger Woods PGA Tour with my son. I automatically did my big realistic golf swings, while he gave the Move a little one-handed swing as he did with Wii Sports. Well this time the laugh was on him. He couldn’t understand why he was doing so poorly until he finally gave in and tried a real golf swing.

When my husband, the golfer, had the chance to play, he loved it. He finally had a game where he could easily beat the rest of the family. The Move allows players to play as realistic a game as they can indoors.

My only complaints about Tiger Woods PGA Tour was that the setup took a while and the game took more time to get used to than the usual video game. However, once we were in the groove, we loved it.

Some of the features on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 are:

  • Choose your player from among many famous golfers
  • Compete in the prestigious Ryder Cup Tournament on The Celtic Manor Resort in Wales
  • Participate in various types of competitions
  • Players that look so real and react to how well you do
  • Drive, chip and putt on some of the PGA Tour’s most renowned championship courses
This is a great game for teenagers and adults so parents and their teens can have a fun competition. Younger kids may find Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 too difficult unless they have had some golf experience. Truly the best part of this video game is its realism.

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Full Disclosure: I received this game for free to review as a member of the PlayStation Family. 


  1. My boys always loved the NFL and NBA versions of these games. Keeps them busy and helps them learn rules of game!

  2. I have a group of boys that love to play only the sports games. This should be right in their wheel house.

  3. I have golfers and gamers in my family so I’m sure they would love this game.

  4. Love this post! My family plays golf every Sunday afternoon, and this could be a great rainy-day option for us!

  5. Looks like a fun game and a great way to introduce your kids to the game of golf.

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