Thesaurus Rex App For The 21st Century

A thesaurus can be a very useful tool, if not a necessity, for students, teachers, journalists and writers. However, did you know that there hasn’t been a substantial update a major thesaurus in 160 years. I think it is time for a change and so did They recently came out with the Thesaurus Rex app for iOS and will be adding a website in May.

What is different about Thesaurus Rex? Well first of all it adds many more current words. Also, over time, many words take on additional meanings which need to be reflected in any current thesaurus. It is about time that a thesaurus actually shows that it is in the 21st century.

The biggest change is the ability to search for synonyms and antonyms in a variety of ways:

  1. Relevance – synonyms are ranked by how close they match the meaning of your word
  2. Complexity – sort words based on difficulty levels
  3. Length – sort words based on character count

Thesaurus Rex has many other great unique tools:
  • Favorites – save a list of your favorite synonyms
  • You are given usage notes and example sentences to help avoid mistakes
  • You can look for rhymes and syllables for poetry
Here is a short video showing you some of the new tools that Thesaurus Rex uses:

I am not surprised that was the first to make a thesaurus fun. I’ve been a big fan of its dictionary app and website for a while now. Compare’s app with another dictionary app and you are comparing fun with stuffy. If I were a teenager, the app and Thesaurus Rex would be the only apps of their kind that I would use. As an adult, they are still my favorites.

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  1. Awesome…what a great app!

  2. Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah :

    This is even great when writing blog posts!

  3. Just Married with Coupons :

    What a cool name for an app, I love it! This looks convenient, I am always looking up things online, this seems perfect for us.

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