The Voice is a Better TV Show for Teens Than American Idol

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I used to love American Idol. However I eventually tired of it and pretty much every game and so called reality show. There were so many reasons but I can sum it up almost as if there is a bad karma attached to them. That was until The Voice on NBC came along.

As I had already given up reality shows and contests, I’m not sure why I even gave The Voice a try. I guess I was attracted to the commercials with the chairs turning around. I am so glad I gave it a chance.

Not only do I love it, but it is by far the best, if not only, contest type TV show that I would want teens or tweens to watch. Years ago I wrote an article on American Idol being a great bonding TV show for families.   However, I would now only recommend The Voice as family viewing and these are the reasons:

    • The early auditions could not be more different. American Idol shows tapes of great, good and bad singers and the judges actually make fun of the bad singers on TV. Even when I enjoyed the show, I would skip these auditions because I hated how mean this was. On The Voice, the judges chairs are turned so that they are completely impartial when they decide on a singer. The choice is truly on talent.  No bad singers ever appear on the show. And if a singer isn’t chosen, the judges only offer wonderful advice.
    • On The Voice, the judges are also coaches and they spend most of the time coaching the singers to get better. And since they are all actual singers, they know what they are talking about.
    • On American Idol, after each singer sings, if the judge isn’t happy, he/she is nasty. On The Voice, if the judge isn’t happy, he/she offers constructive criticism and says it wasn’t their best performance. And even though the singers are on four different teams, the coaches praise the other team’s singers just as much as their own.
    • On American Idol there are maximum age limits for those who are allowed to audition. The Voice allows singers of all ages. This makes a big statement that great and popular singers don’t have to be young.
    • The judges/coaches on The Voice have great relationships among themselves and it is fun to watch the kidding that goes on.
  • People watch The Voice to hear great singers compete. People watch American Idol to see controversy. Is that what you want your teens or tweens watching?
I am still hoping that eventually this reality TV craze will run its course and we will see far less of it. However, when that happens, I hope there will still be room for the occasional good one like The Voice.

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This post was in no way sponsored. I wrote it because this is how I feel. Nobody contacted me!
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  1. I think one other cool thing about The Voice compared to a show like AI is that there are basically two competitions going on. There are the singers competing against each other, but there are also the coaches competing as well. I find myself sort of rooting for specific coaches, specifically Adam this year since I think he has picked some really quality singers.

  2. We used to watch AI, but we like The Voice better. I am totally hooked.

  3. I have never seen The Voice because I thought it was like AI.

  4. I never watched the Voice either, just like everyone else I thought it was like AI and I’m kind of getting tired of it. Thanks for the great post, I know what my DVR will be recording the next time it will be on. I’m now antsy to watch it and see if my kids like it, too.

  5. i have never seen or heard of this show but i will have to check it out!

  6. I love this show! I love when the contestants that didn’t make it the previous year, come back and make it on the show. They site the advice they got the year before as being the reason they made it. I love how the judges even when having to say something negative always say something positive too. They also give useful advice all the way along. I don’t have teens, or tweens yet, but this is a show my hubby and I watch. I’ve never been into laughing at someone else’s expense. I don’t even like pranks.

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