The Creators of The Croods Tell All

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I recently had the chance to screen the new Dreamworks animated 3D movie The Croods, coming to theaters Friday, March 22nd. I had the opportunity to interview, as part of a group of bloggers, the stars, Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds and the creators of this fantastic film. I already posted our interview with Nicholas Cage. Here is the revealing and very fun talk we had with Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco, the directors and writers of The Croods.

From the beginning, the story was always going to be about fear of change. When they first began writing the story, along with John Cleese, it was more about the inventions and the fear of technology and how technology ruins everything (which is what Cleese believes). However they decided that the story wasn’t as emotional that way. Kirk said:

So we came up with the idea of, “Hey, what’s the biggest change that somebody can relate to and also be afraid of that we all can think about?” And that was in your own family under your nose when your daughter starts changing.  And honestly, it was more like the guy pulling up on the motorcycle.

What made Grug, the father, and Guy, the boyfriend, different was that Guy had the world’s first imagination. Grug always taught his kids exactly what his father taught him. It was a big balancing act making sure that Guy wasn’t too perfect and Grug wasn’t always wrong. We wanted to make sure that when we put them together, that they really needed each other because neither one has all the answers.

Discussing how they write for animated films, Kirk said that the biggest part of the process is the storyboarding of the film. Then the story team begins to add their ideas. And it keeps changing, especially after recording with the actors. They really worked hard on Ryan Reynolds character Guy to give him exactly the right tone. Ryan’s acting helped them with this.

Chris and Kirk agreed that they got all their first choices as actors to play the roles in The Croods.

And we wanted Nick because he has a great beleaguered, put-upon, world-weary kind of sympathy in his voice that you just get. He’s sweet-hearted. The movies we’d watched, Matchstick Men or Raising Arizona, we’re like, “It’s Nick.”  It has to be. 

And then Emma [Stone] we had seen three years ago in a movie called House Bunny.  And we absolutely loved that movie and that role so much, we’re like, “Oh, my gosh, this girl you guys have to”, and that seems to have worked out for us.

Everybody in the room seemed to agree that the character of Belt, a sloth that Guy wears as a belt, was a favorite, especially with kids.  

Chris:  He’s a neat character.  He gets away with more than anybody else in the film.  He’s the only character that produces things out of thin air. 

Kirk:  Yes, totally, he’s the broadest or most cartoony out of everyone. 

Chris:  If he needs a helmet, he’ll suddenly have a helmet in his hand.  Where it’s been, who knows where it’s been up to that point. So, he’s funny.  It’s one of those magical things when you’re working on these movies because some things you have to work really hard. It’s got to make sense, and people will call you on it if it doesn’t make sense. And then you get a sloth, and you give him a helmet and a knife. And everybody just laughs. And nobody cares where he came from.

And I can’t forget to add, when asked if Grug’s relationship with his mother-in-law was derived from personal experience, Kirk made it very clear that it did not, no, not at all, zero, zilch, nada! I hope I made that clear enough.

The Croods is coming to theaters nationwide this Friday, March 22, 2012. It is definitely a movie for everyone (kids under 5 might be scared). You will laugh and cry. It is one of my favorite animated movies ever! For more information, go to The Croods website and check out The Croods Facebook Page. And watch the trailer below:

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  1. I can’t wait to see this movie! It looks like so much fun!

  2. This looks like another must see movie this year! The list just keeps growing!

  3. Fun! My daughter (age 11) has been talking about this, but your post is my first look.

  4. We were just watching the preview of this movie and I think it is one we all agree we must see together. Looks so cute.

  5. Thank you for all your comments. You will definitely love this movie as much as your kids will. It is for all ages.

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