The Blog Workshop – Benefits of an Online Conference

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Since I began blogging, five years ago, I have attended many conferences. Luckily, living in NYC, some have been local and other have required me to fly cross country and stay at hotels. No matter how many people I met and how much I learned about blogging, I often felt that I spent more money than I should have and came away exhausted to boot.

The Blog Workshop is an online blogging conference, the first that I can recall. What are the benefits of attending:

  1. No travel at all. Even when I attended conferences in my own city, I still had to get around, often in rain or hot humid weather.
  2. No need to worry about clothes or Shoes! You can attend in your PJs or whatever you are most comfortable in.
  3. No sitting on floors in overcrowded conference rooms or trying to juggle your laptop and iphone while you take notes and tweet. 
  4. No eating horrible conference hall food or looking for restaurants that will be overpriced.
  5. No getting a terrible night’s sleep in a strange noisy hotel room, especially if you bunk with roommates to save money.
  6. No worrying about plane delays or cancellations and missing part of the conference.
  7. No lugging around heavy gadgets all day long.
Now that you see how beneficial an online blogging conference can be, here is some information about The Blog Workshop.The conference will take place over 3 nights, May 17 – 19th, from 6pm – 10pm ET. These are the topics that will be discussed:
  • Blogging Back to Basics
  • From Blogger to Bloggerpreneur
  • Preparing Yourself for Advertising and Pitching to Brands/Advertisers/Sponsors
  • Knowing How to Handle Media Requests and Build Relationships with Media
  • Advertising vs. Affiliate Marketing
  • Other Ways to Monetize Your Blogging Efforts
The cost to register for The Blog Workshop is $175 (total cost since there are absolutely no travel costs), however there are cheaper options. There are payment plan options and student/teacher discounts. There are also $500 Blog Workshop Scholarships and Grants (all of which can be found on the Blog Workshop registration page). Or you can register through The Blog Workshop’s Indiegogo campaign for a discount. 
Check out this video on The Blog Workshop for more information:

What do you get by registering and virtually attending The Blog Workshop? You get the six sessions above, given by experienced speakers, over a three day period, so you don’t have to cram in too much at once. You also receive Resource Lists, Giveaways and a Blog Workshop Tee. And you get the gift of getting great blogging advice from the comfort of your own home.

Full Disclosure: I am attending the conference for free for my post. However, all opinions are my own and I would not have accepted this offer if I did not think this conference was worthwhile.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing conference. I need to look into it!

  2. I would love to attend a blogging conference some day! This sounds like the ideal way to do it since I have 3 kids and no one to watch them in order to take a trip.

  3. That sounds like a great conference. Traveling to conferences can be a real pain.

  4. Danielle Royalegacy :

    I should attend this. I would love to fine tune my blog.

  5. It’s not always so easy to travel for conferences. This sounds great!

  6. This sounds great since traveling is such a pain! I want to learn more ways to monetize sites.

  7. Michelle Garrett :

    This sounds like a great idea and definitely an easy way to get to my first blogging conference 🙂

  8. Great info to have. Didn’t know there were online options, though it certainly makes sense to have them!

  9. very interesting; never thought of an online conference; thanks for the post and I will have to check into this.

  10. This sounds like a great idea and I’ll have to consider this.

  11. I’ve worked in the “conference biz” for many years now, and while online conferences can be really great, another approach that’s gaining popularity is the “hybrid meeting.” Basically, you have “pods” of participants who gather locally, and connect online. There can be one “main” group and a bunch of satellite pods, as well. Usually there’s an online host or facilitator, who ensures all the pods participate fully, and that no one feels left out. As with any meeting design, the goal is to suit the design to the intent of the conference.

    That said, this online meeting sounds like it could be a really valuable resource for a lot of people. I’ll definitely be looking into it!

  12. I have to say the topics sound very direct, straight forward and practical….more so than other conferences I’ve read about and attended. They all summarize the stage I’m at right now too. Jennifer, are you involved in this online conference in anyway? It sounds like this would be your first too.

  13. Other than promoting it with this blog post and attending it, I’m not involved in any other way. I love blog conferences and I’m so happy I can attend one so easily.

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