Terra Nova – Spielberg TV Series of Epic Proportions

Did you see the Super Bowl commercial for the upcoming Steven Spielberg series, Terra Nova? It looked like a movie. And it looked exciting. When I saw that Terra Nova is going to be a new TV series, my first thought was, maybe we’ll have a new “Lost“. If you mix in Jurassic Park, and make it a weekly television series, that might describe what the promo for Terra Nova looked like.

According to Fox, Terra Nova is an epic family adventure. (Which means, great for families to connect). It begins in the year 2149 when the Earth is dying. Scientists discover a portal into primeval history and make a plan to resettle humanity in the past.

The Shannon family is part of the tenth pilgrimage to the first colony of settlers, Terra Nova. Once there, they find that Terra Nova is not as idyllic as it originally seemed. There is danger not only from the man eating dinosaurs, but also from a splinter colony of renegades. Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars) stars as the devoted father with the complicated past.

Watch trailer here:

As far as scheduling, Fox is debuting Terra Nova in the same fashion that it rolled it Glee. Terra Nova will have a special 2-night premiere on Money and Tuesday, May 23 and 24, 2011, just as the 2010-2011 TV season ends. Then, Terra Nova will officially premier in the fall of 2011. The buzz should get everyone talking about Terra Nova all summer. It certainly worked for Glee. 

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