Teens on Instagram – What Parents Should Know

Teens on Instagram – What Parents Should Know

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Once upon a time, teens all congregated on Facebook. Parents began joining to keep track of their teens and understand the social network their teens were using. That was the beginning of the end for teens on Facebook. Little by little they found new social networks that had been created, but the winner seems to be Instagram. Instagram was launched in 2010 and has been one of the fastest growing social networks since then, especially with teens.

Teens on Instagram - What Parents Should Know
What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free app, for Apple and Android devices, where users share photos and videos. They will often add a short caption with #hashtags to each image. Others can comment or like their entries. When you share your photo on Instagram, at the same time you can choose to have it shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Flickr or Email.

Who Can See My Teen’s Photos and Videos on Instagram?

Teens on Instagram - What Parents Should Know

Anyone 13 and older can sign up for an account. With a regular profile, your teen will mostly see what her friends post and vice versa, but everything she posts can be seen by the public. There is an option to set your photos and videos to private and then only approved followers will see them, but many teens, especially older ones, are not going to want to do this.  There is also an option to block specific people, which you should definitely let your teens know about now. They might not tell you if someone creepy is sending them pictures, so just make sure they have this information at their disposal.

Can I Have Access to My Teen’s Instagram Account?

No. As long as they are 13 or over, they are treated as adults on Instagram.

Are there any Guidelines as to What you Can and Can Not Post on Instagram?

Yes. Only post your own photos or videos. No nudity of any kind. Don’t share illegal content. Be respectful to each other. No spam. Enjoy yourself.

Teens on Instagram - What Parents Should Know
What can be done if there is a Violation of the Guidelines?

You can report the violation. If a user does something that bothers you but isn’t really a violation, then just block the offender.

Instagram can be a wonderful social network if used the way it is intended to be used. It is like Twitter with pictures for your phone. It is all visual and a pretty way to share what you are up to with your friends.

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  1. To be honest, I didn’t know a lot about all the settings on Instagram. Now I need to use your tips to go in and look at my own account. Hopefully more parents read and benefit from your tips!

  2. Instagram is such an amazing technology tool, but like all social media, parents really need to watch over what there kids are doing and seeing.

  3. This is really good info. There are probably a lot of social media platforms that kids are on, and most parents haven’t a clue what they are.

  4. My son wants an instagram and he is 7 I don’t think so Great to know these policies though in advance.

  5. Great tips for parents wanting to know what their kids are up to on Instagram. I think the 13 and older being considered an adult is a bit much.

  6. I have never really taken a look at Instagram’s settings, so I didn’t know these were available. I hope more parents become educated on Instagram, as it’s important to keep up with what your kids/teens are doing online!

  7. I really like instagram, but I have to admit I’m scared when my kids are able to have their own accounts!

  8. Used wisely, Instagram is a wonderful way for kids to express themselves and their creativity. I’m glad there’s an option for blocking weirdos though!

  9. I didn’t know all the settings! Thanks!

  10. My daughter is obsessed with Instagram. It is a great way for kids to keep in touch with their friends, but it must be monitored in my opinion.

  11. It is important for parents to stay up to date with all social networks so they can understand what their children are up to and provide protection if needed.

  12. I’m so glad I read this! I am sharing it with family!

  13. I haven’t jumped on board with Instagram yet but I know a lot of teens that are on there. I was concerned about all their pictures being public but good to know there are privacy settings so they can be made private. I love the idea of it but I just don’t share pictures often.

  14. Great post – With kids, I so want them to be able to enjoy social media but safety and knowing about these sites is essential to us parents.

  15. I’m a huge Instagram fan and was surprised to see how many tweens have jumped on the platform. These are great tips for parents!

  16. Thanks for the instagram tips. I have three teens, two of which are quite active on instagram. I really need to check out their settings. Thanks for the tips.

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