Teenage Girls and Fashion

The following was written by Marie-Charlotte, a 15 year old teen, who submits occasional articles to Connect with your Teens from the teens point of view.

Many mothers may be puzzled by their daughter’s choices in how they present themselves to the world. They may be asking questions such as the following:  Why do they wear such short . . . everything?  Or Why do they want piercings . . . everywhere?

The answers may vary but there is a principal impetus for us to dress the way that we do: to look different. We all want to have our own look. We all want to be remembered. We want friends. We want to be well liked. We don’t care what our parents think about our clothing; so don’t think that you can talk us out of it. We do want to be approved by our peers. The teen-atire is a complicated notion.

As the popularity of the Internet supersedes that of magazines, the style of the teen changes accordingly. We no longer look solely to the pages of Teen-vogue and Seventeen Magazine. Now that we are spending hours expressing ourselves on sites such as Tumbler, we pick up slurries of inspiration for our own wardrobes. Tumblr is a website that allows you to reblog others’ pictures of anything that speaks to you. You can also post pictures of your own. The majority of these pictures would fall under the category of “hipster.”

The fashion world must contort itself to fit the confines of the audiences taste. At my high school that would mean that the fashion world would have to model itself after stores such as Urban Outfitters, H&M, or Forever 21. We no longer have to wait to see what a high-end fashion stylist for Prada has put together for a 100 pound model in a photo-shoot. We can go online and see what girls like us are wearing.

You cannot act as though short clothing is new to our generation. That’s just a look that all girls trying to attract attention from boys will acquire. You probably did that at some point. It only worries you because you are afraid that your daughter may have the same intentions that you did back in the olden days. Don’t worry. We do also dress that way because we actually like the style. We want to look good for ourselves just as much as for acceptance from others. Remember, we love Niki Minaj and Lady Gaga, and as much as most of us won’t admit it, Miley Cyrus.

The piercings. Well the piercings may frighten you but those pretty much coincide with both tumblr/hipster fashion and trying to be individual.

I hope that helped clear some things up a bit.  I would talk about why boys dress the way that they do but honestly, the trend of wearing jeans pulled down to the middle of their legs is incomprehensible. Oh and also, back to girls, watch out for brightly colored highlights. Blue. Green. Purple. Pink. From what I see on my Facebook, they’re catching on. Maybe I’ll try some.

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