Teen Business Summit – Global Entrepreneurship Online Event

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With the unemployment rate so high, especially among teens, there couldn’t be a better time for them to learn about what it takes to become entrepreneurs.  From August 22nd -24th, a Teen Business Summit, the first ever global entrepreneurship conference for teens, conducted entirely over the Internet, will take place.

This summit is hosted by Teen Business Forum, an online community for teen entrepreneurs worldwide. The conference will be held live via Skype and will be streamed on the Teen Business Summit website. The conference will take place over three days with 17 speakers.

The speakers are divided over the three days by experience:

  • Day one – Seasoned thought leaders – winning customers, job economy, gaining support of parents
  • Day two – Successful entrepreneurs in early 20s and 30s – share stories of how they achieved success
  • Day three – Teen entrepreneurs – discuss their current businesses

Here is a sampling of some of the presentations during the Teen Business Summit:

  • From Lemonade Stand to CEO: Getting Your Parents to Support You in Business
  • Guess Who’s Famous? You: How to be a Teen Media Rockstar
  • The Long Road to Success
  • Keys to Doing Big Things At A Young Age

The Teen Business Summit is completely free to all attendees. Anyone with Skype and an Internet connection can attend. If you are a teenager or a parent of a teen, you should definitely check this out. Becoming an entrepreneur sometime is the only way to make a living and often is the best way to do what you love.

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