Tech Gadget Gifts for Teens and Tweens

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Its a given that teens and tweens love tech gadgets. However with the number of tech gadgets on the market each year, how do you choose? Here are some of my family’s favorites that I recommend.

Agloves – Touchscreen gloves that are made with silver throughout so that the entire glove is a conductive surface, not just the finger tips.

BassBuds – Beautiful noise isolating in-earphones with Swarovski Elements that also include a microphone and MP3 controller. What a great gift for teen and tween girls.

Brookstone – Okay, this is a store, not a gadget. However I found so many great gifts there this year that I couldn’t recommend only one. My favorites are the Brookstone Wireless TV Headphones (you will really enjoy this when your teen is playing loud video games) and the Brookstone Portable iPad Speaker Docking Station (both a speaker and charger).

epillow – The perfect and most comfortable way to hold your iPad, eReader or any type of tablet for any length of time. Many colors available, girls will love this.

eReaders – These are becoming practically a necessity nowadays. The new Kindle Paperwhite is a great choice.

Kingston Wi-Drive – This small gadget allows teens to share media from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with two friends at a time. It also gives you additional storage space on your apple device.

Portable speakers – BoomBotix Wireless Bluetooth Speakers are adorable for tweens. HMDX Audio: Jam Wireless Portable speakers come in many colors and great for any age. Both are small enough to carry around.

Robotics Kit – Both fun and educational. One of the best is the OWI Robotic Arm Edge. Put it together and then control it.

Tablet – Laptops and cell phones have become must haves for teens. While a tablet has not reached that stage yet, it is a highly desired device by both teens and tweens. The two that I would most highly recommend  are the Apple iPad Mini and the Microsoft Surface. However these are expensive. If looking for something more reasonably priced then check out the Kindle Fire.

TomTom – If you have teens that have reached driving age, a GPS device is a great gift. Not only will they love it, but you can worry less. Getting lost is not conducive to safe driving.

Do you have any other tech gadgets that you would recommend as gifts for teens or tweens? Make sure you check out my other holiday lists – Fashion Gifts for Tweens and Teens, Teen and YA Book Lists for Holiday Gift Ideas and 13 New Video Games for Teens and Tweens as Holiday Gifts.

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  1. I love these. The TomTom may become “passe” though because if they are anything like my daughter … iPhones and Androids have great navigation apps. And I believe Google map is still free!
    Unless Mom and/or Dad has to pay for data … then they may have to use the TomTom 🙂
    Thanks for sharing these – would be great for all

  2. These are great ideas for teens and some I had not thought about but good choices.

  3. I love the idea of the robotics kit. Most techy kids would love that and it would expand their mind for hours.

  4. Darlene :

    Some great ideas here. My 19 yr old daughter is dreaming about an e-reader, while my 20 something son would love the Agloves. Both kids use their iPhones for GPS.

  5. I like them, the kid in all of us!

  6. Middle-aged Diva (Carol) :

    Using some of these for my college age nephew!

  7. angelaparsonmyers :

    The heck with the kids! Let them buy their own–I want these for myself. : – )


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