Teachers: Education’s Most Valuable Resource

If you asked me what I think is the most important part of an education, I would definitely answer, the teacher. Nothing can affect a child’s future feel about and mastery in a given subject than an excellent or terrible teacher.

In high school my son hadn’t been doing very well in history. He wasn’t a lover of memorizing places and dates. Then, in his junior year he had a fantastic history teacher. My son is very creative and this teacher saw that kids could learn in many ways. He often gave students the choice of doing a project instead of a test.

When learning about World War II, my son took the 9 minute song, Jesus of Suburbia, from Green Day’s American Idiot, and rewrote the lyrics. He brought his guitar to school and sang the new song about World War II to the class. Not only did the teacher and other students love it, but he learned more about World War II doing this than he ever would have by studying.

It is because of teachers like this that the Hilton HHonors loyalty program has created the Teacher Treks Travel Grant Competition. (I am being compensated for this post but fans of this blog know that this is the type of thing I would have written about anyway and I love this program).

“The Hilton HHonors Teacher Treks program will fund 15 teachers to travel and to experience first-hand the subject they teach, enriching their curriculum and inspiring students to explore the world.” 

Where do you come in? The Hilton HHonors program has narrowed the pool of teachers down to 30. They now want the public to vote to determine the 15 winners. What will you get for voting? In addition to the satisfaction of choosing your favorite teachers, 10 of the voters will be randomly selected to win a $250 Hilton HHonors gift card. You can cast one vote per day through April 30, 2013. View all the entries and details of the program at the Hilton HHonors Teacher Treks website.

Teachers are the most valuable resource in education. Great teachers should be rewarded. Bad teachers should be fired. Our children’s education should come first.

Full Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. However, I chose to do it because this is exactly the type of subject I write about anyway and I think this is a wonderful program.

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  1. wow, I had no idea a program like this even existed. What a great way to honor teachers. Bravo Hilton!

  2. What an awesome thing for teachers!!! More companies need to get involved in our educational programs… we need it!

  3. Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com :

    You are so true. I remember certain teachers from when I was young and I definitely have my favorite of teachers that my children have had. A good teacher will make a great class.

  4. Jennifer Medeiros :

    I love Hilton Honors – great program on all accounts

  5. ThinkWonder Teach :

    What a great thing to do for teachers! I wish they all could go!!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

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