Talking with Teens about Prom

This morning I appeared on a segment of the WPIX Morning News Show in NYC dealing with Prom, and how to talk to your teens about drinking and sex beforehand. The segment was a discussion between co-anchor Sukanya Krishnan, psychologist Dr. Larry Balter and yours truly.

You can watch it all right here:

The most important advice to remember, whether about sex, alcohol or drugs, is:

  • When trying to talk to your teens, remind them that you were once a teen yourself, with the same fears and anxieties that they have. You’ve been through it and understand and can help.
  • Let them know that they can tell you anything and you won’t freak out.
  • Tell your teens that they can call or text you at any time, day or night, and you will come get them, without judgement.
  • Giving information on safety is not the same as giving permission. It is just sensible.
  • The most important money to spend on prom night is for a car and driver.

This talk about prom was on of the WPIX morning show‘s weekly “Moms The Word” segment.

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