20 Family Technology Posts About Teens and Tweens

20 Family Technology Posts About Teens and Tweens

In addition to writing this blog, Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology, I also write for About.com as the Family Technology expert. If you have never been on the website, About.com’s 1,000 Experts help millions of users answer questions, solve problems, learn something new, and find inspiration. If you’ve been on the site […]

36 Movies For Teens, Tweens and Parents 2015

36 Movies For Teens, Tweens and Parents 2015

Update September 2015 – See 21 Movies For Teens Tweens and Parents Fall 2015 for updates of the fall movie schedule Update May 2015 – For updates on the 2015 Summer Movie schedule, make sure to visit 18 Summer Movies for Teens 2015! Here is my annual list of movies for teens and tweens. I’ve added […]

KidzVuz – Tweens Create Video Reviews on Their Own Online Community

Kids like to tell each other about their favorite games, movies and books. However, kids or tweens under 13 are too young to use Facebook and YouTube, so where can they share their views online? KidzVuz is an online community created just for tweens, ages 7 to 12, to make their own video reviews of […]

4 Fun Nonfiction Books For Teens and Tweens

With the huge proliferation of Young Adult novels in recent years, I sometimes forget that teenagers also enjoy reading fun nonfiction books. While attending Book Expo 2011 last month, I came across a few fun books, coming this fall, that  teens and or tweens should enjoy. 1. When Parents Text: So Much Said…So Little Understood […]

Engineering for Teens and Tweens at Design Squad Nation

Engineering is one of the few careers that still hold very bright futures for college graduates. If you want to see if this could be in your child’s future, you should check out Design Squad Nation, both a television series and website from PBS kids developed for teens and tweens. The goal of the website […]

3 New Safe Social Websites for Tweens

Facebook is meant to be used only by teenagers and adults ages 13 and older. Tweens are dying to get on to Facebook so as not to be left out. During the last few years, social networking sites for tweens have been popping up to given the tweens more age appropriate places to meet up. […]