How to Master Google+, Twitter and Raising Digital Kids

Mastering social media does not come easy to us, because anyone who is an adult did not grow up with it. Yet we have many reasons why we need to at least become proficient in using social media, if not fully master it. I recently received 3 books to review that will help you raise […]

Economix – Cartoon Book Makes Economics Relatable

If you read only one non-fiction book this decade, you must read Economix: How Our Economy Works (And Doesn’t Work) In Words and Pictures. This graphic non-fiction book reads like a graphic novel except it is true) and recounts the history of economics during eight different time periods. After reading this exceptionally smart and easily […]

10 Tips for Parents When Texting Teens

When I attended Book Expo 2011 in May I saw a preview of a very humorous book coming in September, When Parents Text: So Much Said… So Little Understood. I wrote a description of it and three other fun nonfiction books for teens and  parents that I found at Book Expo in 4 Non Fiction […]

What is Facebook and How Do I Use It?

If you are asking yourself the above question, then you probably wonder why Facebook does not come with a guidebook or manual. O’Reilly Media has taken it upon themselves to add Facebook: The Missing Manual to their line of Missing Manual Books, for people just like you. Completely updated, the 3rd ed. was just released […]

Wonderful Wonder Girl Workshops for Teen Girls and Moms

Yesterday I attended an amazing workshop for teenage girls and their moms in NYC. It had everything you could want in this type of gathering, and more. The name of the workshop was Life 101: Nurturing Your Best Self. It was one of many workshops presented by The Wonder Girls run by Lisa Bochner. The […]

Best of the Decade – Best Lists in Pop Culture and Technology

Just as I did with my Best of 2009 post, I would rather share my favorite Best of the Decade lists than make my own. Since I don’t like any of the names given to this past decade, I am just going with Best of the Decade. I have included lists in the topics of […]