SuperFutures Offers Teens Online Guidance Counselors

Does your high school have enough guidance counselors so that each student gets all the help that they need? Are you frustrated that students in private schools and other districts receive more counseling than you or your teen? You just might be able to remedy this injustice with SuperFutures, the website that helps students answer the question: “What do I want to be when I grow up and how do I get there successfully?”

Jennifer Openshaw, CEO of Family Financial Network, created SuperFutures to bring online guidance counseling with Harvard experts and help teenagers succeed in college, career and life. Online Coaching consists of an online learning platform with real-time audio via phone so that students can participate while viewing the lesson. They will also be able to engage in discussion with other students. Students have access to the coaches during classes and outside of class time also.

Glee’s Principal Figgins, Iqbal Theba, has joined up with SuperFutures as a partner and spokesperson and to help with the Dare2Dream National Video Contest. The winner will get a trip for 2 to Hollywood, have lunch and a mentoring session with Figgins (Theba) and free SuperFutures coaching.

There is a great deal of information that you can get for free on the SuperFuture’s website before you need to begin paying for classes. You’ll have free access to:

  • Webinar on 5 Things Every Parent Should Know
  • Expert Advice and How-To’s for Teens
  • Videos and articles from Glee’s Principal Figgins on anything from “How I found my passion” to “Spring Break? 10 Tips for Teens”

Once enrolled, there are many online courses for teens 14-18 and college students related to career, college, life and money and material for parents too. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, you can no longer assume your teen will get into college, graduate and get a job. The competition is fierce. Maybe this will be the leg up your teen needs.

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