Holiday Benefits

Do you dread going to the post office and waiting on long lines during the holiday season? Do you want to make the holiday cards you send more memorable. These are two great reasons to use


With you can print postage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.What are the other benefits:

  • You can also print shipping labels, envelopes and more. 
  • Access is available to Certified Mail, delivery confirmation and insurance. 
  • It is cheaper to use than a postage meter.
  • Easily track packages.
  • No need to fill out post office forms.
  • Your scale will let you know the exact cost so you won’t over or underpay.
  • Receive Post Office discounts.
  • Import existing address books to your account.
  • Get up to $45 in FREE Postage at use code COUPON1. expires 12/31/12

    Your Photos on Real Postage! With PhotoStamps you can turn your own digital photos into real US postage! Create yours today. Learn more:

    1. Authorized by the U.S. Post Office.
    2. All you need do is upload a photo, customize it on the Photo Stamps interface and place your order.
    3. Delivery will be within one and five days depended on the shipping option you choose.
    4. Great for businesses also as they can create stamps with the company logo.
    5. Perfect for holidays, party and wedding invitations and more.
    Make things easier on yourself during the holidays and year-round by printing out your own postage. And spice up your holiday envelopes and invitations with with pictures of your family or business logo. Happy Holidays.

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    1. I like the postage discount portion. I have a huge pile of stuff to mail right now. This would be much more convenient!

    2. Cool that I can us my own images!

    3. Thanks for the tip and discount info! Tis the season for mailing out gifts and letters!

    4. I’ve often thought I need to stop driving to the post office so much and find something more convenient.

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