Solution to Losing Socks in Laundry!

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Yesterday I attended NY Tech Day: The world’s largest tech startup event. I found many interesting companies and different types of technology, but the one that excited me the most is something so simple I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before. Snoxx Socks snap together so that they don’t get lost in the wash. And one of the founders of Snoxx Socks is Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen.

I don’t know why or how, but I know it happens to everyone. You do laundry and somehow at least one sock goes missing. Over time you have a drawer filled with socks without their partners. Eventually I will take out all the single socks and try to match them up. I’ll succeed with some, but it takes time, and there will still be many unmatched socks left over.

My husband thinks the solution is balling up the pair of socks together when he throws them in the hamper, something which drives me crazy, because I just have to take them apart to wash them. And I just love pulling apart sweaty socks.

So what did Snoxx Socks do to prevent loss? They added clear snaps to the top of the socks, so that when you are ready to throw the socks into the hamper or washing machine you just snap them together first. They come out of the dryer still together and voila, no more missing socks.

Watch this video by Sasha Cohen and co-founder Scott Annan, as they discuss Snoxx Socks. Then you might want to help out and make a pledge to Snoxx Socks on Kickstarter.

Snoxx Socks are available to purchase now in limited quantities on the Snoxx Socks website. I decided to make a pledge on Kickstarter instead. My pledge of $20 includes two pair of Snoxx Socks. I can’t wait to try them out. What do you think of this sock solution?

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  1. Crystal Threeprncs :

    I bought each of my four kids a package of socks 2 weeks ago and we are down to maybe 2-3 pairs each. I need these!

  2. Frugal and Fun Mom :

    Such a neat idea! They definitely would dry faster versus rolling them together.

  3. I lose socks all the time. I think I need all my socks to be Snoxx.

  4. Sounds like a great idea. I hate losing one sock this may keep them together so they don’t get lost.

  5. This is such an awesome idea… especially in our crazy household!

  6. This is the most clever idea I have seen in quite a while. I imagine a lot of people would want this! Everyone looses socks, even me! Snoxx Socks sound wonderful.

  7. I need this!!! What an awesome idea.. my Princess has been going to school almost every day last week with “Crazy Sock day” because we can’t find the matching sock … SOO need this, thanks for sharing

  8. I cannot believe no one else ever thought of this! My mom uses tiny safety pins to keep her socks together. The pin tucks inside the sock and is easily hidden from view. They can get stuck and tear a hole sometimes when the fabric gets caught in the pin though. I love this alternative to socks with holes in the top.

  9. Tough Cookie Mommy :

    This is a great idea! I’m always losing socks in the laundry so I would totally be willing to try this out to see if it saves us some money from constantly buying new socks.

  10. such a smart idea! i dont remeber the last time my socks matched case the pair always seems to have run away lol

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