Social Websites for Teens and Tweens

New social websites for teens and tweens keep popping up all over the place. Lately they seem to be adding their own little twists to differentiate themselves from the competition. Here are some of these social websites for teens and tweens that I’ve come across in the past few months:

1. Scallyroo – A social media site dedicated to addressing the specific needs and interests of young people. Scallyroo enables teens and tweens to better connect with their family and friends, build wish lists, manage their busy lives via a social calendar and allows them to set goals, and collect rewards upon completing those goals. Scallyroo promotes social networking between parents and their kids through the Parent Dashboard, which allows parents to help their children set goals, manage scholastic and social events, create wish lists and learn online networking. Parental consent is needed to kids under age 13 to join.

2. Sweety High – Sweety High is a social world for tween girls ages 9 and up. They have produced their own webseries “Sweety”.The website aims to promote safety, leadership, creativity and fair play. The advanced social software allows members to do everything from designing yearbooks and joining fanclubs to watching the original webseries and competing for prizes. All content is moderated, parent approval is needed for ages 13 and under and many other safety features and programs are in place.

3. Fantage – A website aimed at tweens aged 7 to 14, Fantage offers games and adventures to entertain, instill important lessons and promote positive social interaction in a safe environment. The site is comprised of virtual worlds filled with fun features and games. In addition to games, Fantage hosts online parties each month around various holidays. Parents are able to customize everything in their child’s communication privileges.

4. Planet Cazmo – This website is a place for tweens to hang out, make new online friends, play games, listen to music and go to virtual concerts. Tweens create and customize their own avatars and homes and can play a variety of games, and more. The virtual concerts really distinguish Planet Cazmo. There have already been concerts by David Archuletta, Natasha Bedingfield, Soulja Boy and Ciara on the website. The FAQ section of Planet Cazmo is the most thorough I’ve even seen and will answer any question you may have about the website and how it works.

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There is social networking outside of Facebook.

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