Simple Touchscreen Computers for Seniors from Telikin

Not all family members are easily able to connect with family through technology. Many seniors do not own or use computers due to fear of technology and lack of senior friendly features. The new Telikin Touchscreen computers solve both of those problems.

The Telikin Touchscreen computers are created to make the transition into the world of personal computers simple and hassle-free. The user-friendly touchscreen is so much easier for new computer users than learning to use a mouse.

Both models come with only commonly used family features such as video chat, photos, email, web browsing, calendar, address book, news, weather, DVD player, CD player, games, Write, Powerpoint, help, tools and updates. There is no third party software installed, so less chance of viruses. They have an all-in-one design so there are no parts to put together and they come WiFi ready.

The two models are the:
1. Telikin Touch – 18″ Touchscreen computer White  $699
2. Telikin Elite – 20″ Touchscreen computer Black $999

Telikin Touchscreen Computers has launched an initiative Telikin Cares to donate a Telikin computer to individuals in need, community-focused organizations and businesses that support the senior community. For a limited time, two computers will be donated every month and recipients will be chosen from written letters and announced online.

Is there anyone in your life that could use a Telikin Touchscreen computer?

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