Sigourney Weaver Interview on ‘Prayers For Bobby’ and DVD Giveaway

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Prayers for BobbyYesterday I had the good fortune to interview Sigourney Weaver. But the best part (as if interviewing Sigourney Weaver wasn’t the best part) was that the topic of the interview was about something much more important than entertainment. Her Lifetime movie, Prayers for Bobby, which is now out on DVD, is a heartbreaking movie that teaches parents the importance of accepting their children for who they are.

Based on the bestselling book by Leroy Aarons, Sigourney Weaver, in her first made-for-TV movie and one of her finest roles ever, plays Mary Griffith, a deeply religious mother who cannot accept her teenage son’s homosexuality and must then deal with the consequences.. She then makes the journey from devastating grief to becoming a champion of gay rights. The acting is superb. Prayers for Bobby is an extremely powerful must-see movie.

Sigourney Weaver interview

Sigourney said that she choose this part because it is a true story and she connected with it as the mother of a teenager. She read both the script and the book and thought that television was the perfect medium for Prayers for Bobby because it would be best watched by families together at home.

This was probably Sigourney’s biggest acting challenge yet, mostly because she was playing a real person, and one that she thought was worlds apart from herself. After she met Mary and her family, she was very impressed by Mary’s candor and the love the entire family have for Bobby. It took PFLAG (see below) for Mary to see that homosexuals weren’t going to be punished with fire and brimstone.

Signourney feels that this movie should be seen by everyone (I totally agree). Parents have to realize how much their judgment can effect their teens. Love must be put before judgment. Parents must trust their children to make good choices.

Prayers for Bobby Awards

Here are just some of the many awards that Prayers for Bobby and Sigourney won or were nominated for when the movie first appeared on Lifetime (reviews were all phenomenal):

  • Nominated For Two 2009 Primetime Emmy® Awards
  • Winner for the 21st Annual GLAAD Media Award®
  • Nominated for the 16th Annual SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDS®
  • Winner of the Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association Dorian Award®
  • Nominated for 67th Annual Golden Globe® Awards

Prayers for Bobby DVD

The DVD for Prayers for Bobby offers many extras that will help viewers learn more about the movie and gay rights:

  • Interviews with the Real-Life Mary Griffith, Sigourney Weaver, and other cast members
  • Behind-the-Scenes with the Producers
  • Meet the Stars
  • Road to The GLAAD Awards
  • Trevor Project PSA starring Daniel Radcliffe – The Trevor Project is an organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth.
  • PFLAG PSA Starring Sigourney Weaver – PFLAG is an organization for parents, families and friends of Lesbians and Gays.

 Contest Giveaway

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I rarely do giveaways. However when Lifetime offered me the chance to give out 5 Prayers for Bobby Dvds, I didn’t hesitate. Any way I can help spread this story around, the better.

Therefore, I’m going to make this contest easy. It will run from now, until Monday 12/20/2010 at midnight.
All you need do is add a comment that you want to watch this DVD below and you are entered. You can have a 2nd entry (2 entry max) by either tweeting or Facebook messaging this post, with comment, and then entering a 2nd comment below letting me know.


Please buy, rent or win this movie and share it with everyone you know. This is an extremely important movie and can have the power to change closed minds. There are teens out there that need help and even by sharing this blog post about Prayers for Bobby you can give it to them.

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