Shains Tween Green Fashion Accessories Make Statements

Shainsware BFF 3 Bracelet Kit Pink orchid & sky setShains Fashion Accessories from Shainsware are the perfect gift for tween girls, or even any girl over the age of five through older teens. Shains are all made out of recycled materials and allow the users to customize their accessories with messages, which can be changed at any time.

Shains has a variety of accessory products including bracelets, belts, necklaces, hair accessories, key clips, pet collars, bookmarks, starter kits and theme kits. The fun comes from adding elements to the accessory to create a message. The elements, which are also made of recycled material are letters, numbers or icons that can be interchanged on each of the accessories.

Shains has won numerous awards by leading parent websites and magazines and it is easy for me to see why. Tween girls love to accessorize and to create something a little unique. The green factor is very cool and they can express themselves. If you want to feel even better about buy a Shains fashion accessory for your tween daughter, you may like knowing that Shains donates a percentage of its sales to various environmental causes, including the Jane Goodall Institute.

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