Scrible Research Tool For Web and iPad


Doing research online is much quicker and easier than it was back in the day of hunting everything down in print. However there still is the problem of how to annotate, collect and store the research once you find it. The Scrible research tool solves that problem perfectly.

Scrible, available both on your computer and iPad, is extremely helpful for anyone doing research, from students in high school or college to anyone in a profession requiring research. It is extremely easy to set up and use. You simply drag the Scrible Toolbar to your bookmarks bar and you are ready to go. If that doesn’t sound simple, there is an instruction page for the web and for the iPad.
Once you have Scrible set up, when you are on a page that you are using for your research, you can:
  • highlight text
  • change text color
  • add a note
  • bold, underline or italicize text
  • Tweet, send a link to Facebook or email the annotated page
  • Create a permalink of the annotated page and save it
Here is an example. I annotated a Wikipedia page of the Hunger Games Novel.

It took me only seconds to highlight, use colorful text, underline, use bold text and create a note. My free account includes a library to save all my annotations. Eventually Scrible may create premium accounts for those that want to pay for extra library space.

Give Scrible a try. I’m so sorry that I didn’t know about it while I was researching my book. I could have saved a great deal of time. I will be using Scrible to save and annotate my research from now on.

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