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Upromise - Join Now 125x125In today’s economic climate, one of parents biggest worries is being able to afford to send their teens to college. Upromise, the largest private source of college funding contributions in America, has been around since 2001 to help. is the smart way to save for your child’s college education

Upromise was launched to help families find ways to save for college and offers various strategies for funding college tuition. It is never too soon to begin. Many families with young children are using programs like these to begin saving now. And if you already have teenagers, college is creeping up on you faster than you think.

With Upromise, families can automatically save money for college while making everyday purchases at grocery and drug stores, gas stations, restaurants, retail stores and online shopping sites. Upromise’s partners include ExxonMobil Corporation,,,, and hundreds of others.

Upromise is a free service, and by adding your credit, debit or grocery card means that you can begin saving money for college every time you shop at participating retailers. Upromise – Start Your Kid’s College Savings Today – Join Now.

Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Upromise so I will make a small fee for each person that signs up. However, I’ve already written about Upromise in the past and would not be an affiliate for them if I did not believe in their service.

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  1. Great reminder. I use this for my grand children.

  2. Thanks Grace. Good to hear you are happy with it.

  3. I do this with Upromise!

  4. I wish I had known about Upromise before my kids went to college.

  5. Timely information. Way late for this gal.

  6. I wish I had known about this earlier. College funding is overwhelming for so many of us. Thanks for this information.

  7. I love UPromise~We just took my oldest back to start her second year. College is so expensive and every penny helps!

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