Returning TV Series Fall 2012 Schedule

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Once September rolls around, I find that I can’t wait for all my favorite TV series to start up again. Here is a list of the fall 2012 premiere dates of returning TV shows. Make sure you pay attention to the day and time each show airs as there have been many changes to the schedule since last season.

9/3 Monday
8pm Switched at Birth (ABC Family)

9/10 Monday
8pm The Voice (NBC)

9/11 Tuesday
10pm Sons of Anarchy (FX)
10pm Parenthood (NBC)

9/12 Wednesday
8pm The X Factor (Fox)

9/13 Thursday
9pm Glee (Fox)

9/14 Friday
8pm Shark Tank (ABC)
9pm Primetime: What Would You Do? (ABC)
10pm 20/20 (ABC)

9/16 Sunday
9pm Boardwalk Empire (HBO)

9/17 Monday
8pm Bones (Fox)

9/19 Wednesday
8pm Survivor (CBS)

Thursday 9/20
8:30pm Up All Night (NBC)
9:00pm The Office (NBC)
9:30pm Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Friday 9/21
10pm Haven (Syfy)

Sunday 9/23
10pm Treme (HBO)

Monday 9/24
8pm Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

8pm How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
9pm Two Broke Girls (CBS)
9:30 Mike and Molly (CBS)
10pm 0Hawaii 5-0 (CBS)
10pm Castle (ABC)

Tuesday 9/25
8pm NCIS (CBS)
8pm New Girl (Fox)
9pm NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
10pm Private Practice (ABC)

Wednesday 9/26
8pm The Middle (ABC)
9pm Modern Family (ABC)
9pm Criminal Minds (CBS)
9pm Law & Order: SVU (NBC)
10pm CSI (CBS)

Thursday 9/27
8pm Big Bang Theory (CBS)
8:30 Two and a Half Men (CBS)
9pm Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
9pm Person of Interest (CBS)
10pm Scandal (ABC)

Friday 9/28
8pm CSI: NY (CBS)
9pm Fringe (Fox)
10pm Blue Bloods (CBS)

Saturday 9/29
10pm 48 Hours Mystery (CBS)

Sunday 9/30
7pm 60 Minutes (CBS)
8pm Once Upon a Time (ABC)
8pm The Amazing Race (CBS)
8pm The Simpsons (Fox)
8:30 Bobs Burgers (Fox)
9pm Revenge (ABC)
9pm The Good Wife (CBS)
9pm Family Guy (Fox)
9pm Dexter (Showtime)
9:30 American Dad (Fox)
10pm The Mentalist (CBS)

10pm Homeland (Showtime)

Tuesday 10/2
8pm Hart of Dixie (CW)
8pm Raising Hope (Fox)

Wednesday 10/3
9pm Supernatural (CW)

Thursday 10/4
8pm 30 Rock (NBC)

Sunday 10/7
8pm America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC)
7:30 The Cleveland Show (Fox)

Monday 10/8
8pm 90210 (CW)
9pm Gossip Girl (CW)

Thursday 10/11
8pm The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Sunday 10/14
9pm The Walking Dead (AMC)

Wednesday 10/17
9:30 Suburgatory (ABC)

Friday 10/19
8pm America’s Next Top Model (CW)
8pm Whitney (NBC)
8:30 Community (NBC)
9pm Nikita (CW)

Tuesday 10/23

9pm Happy Endings (ABC)
9:30 Don’t Trust the B– In Apt. 23 (ABC)

Friday 10/26
8pm Touch (Fox)

Friday 11/2
8pm Last Man Standing (ABC)

If you do not see any of your favorite shows on this list that likely means that it isn’t returning until the winter or spring of 2012 (or it has been cancelled). Stay tuned for another post with the schedule of new series coming Fall 2012.

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  1. I can’t wait for Shark Tank.

  2. Everything is on here but my favorite ghost/sci-fi shows. I will just have to do a post like this myself! 🙂

  3. Wow, you’re right when you say a lot of the time slots have been moved around. Plus there are so many new shows starting up that my family wants to watch. I’m so glad we just got a Hopper, because the Prime Time Anytime feature really comes in handy in this situation. It’s really cool to know that all the shows during prime time on all four major networks will get recorded whether we set a timer or not. The only MUST watch for me is Once Upon a Time – there’s a group of us at my office at Dish who always about it. I’m a hopeless romantic and I just love Snow White and Prince Charming.

  4. Thank you for the schedule! Grimm was the show I was looking fwd the most and that already started. The first three episodes have been outstanding. I’m also looking fwd to Homeland and Fringe. 🙂

  5. I am looking forward to the Voice, Parenthood and Once Upon a Time. I don’t know why they had to change the day for Glee though

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