Reinventing School: Essay 17 Stop Stealing Dreams


Essay 17. Reinventing school (from Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin)

If the new goal of school is to create something different from what we have now, and if new technologies and new connections are changing the way school can deliver its lessons, it’s time for a change.

Here are a dozen ways school can be rethought:

Homework during the day, lectures at night

Open book, open note, all the time

Access to any course, anywhere in the world

Precise, focused instruction instead of mass, generalized instruction

The end of multiple-choice exams

Experience instead of test scores as a measure of achievement

The end of compliance as an outcome

Cooperation instead of isolation

Amplification of outlying students, teachers, and ideas

Transformation of the role of the teacher

Lifelong learning, earlier work

Death of the nearly famous college

It’s easier than ever to open a school, to bring new technology into school, and to change how we teach. But if all we do with these tools is teach compliance and consumption, that’s all we’re going to get. School can and must do more than train the factory workers of tomorrow.

This essay in part of my Sunday series of reprints from Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams Education Manifesto. To learn more about this series and the book, see Education Manifesto ‘Stop Stealing Dreams’ by Seth Godin. You can also download Stop Stealing Dreams, the entire manifesto, for free.

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