Prosecuting Casey Anthony: Rob Lowe Stars in Lifetime Movie

Not many jury verdicts have shocked and angered the public more than in the trial of Casey Anthony. The evidence that Casey killed her daughter Caylee was overwhelming, yet how did a jury find her not guilty? Watching the new Lifetime Movie, Prosecuting Casey Anthony, starring Rob Lowe as the prosecutor, you may get a glimpse into how this travesty occurred.

Rob Lowe does a great job as Jeff Ashton, one of the prosecutors on the Casey Anthony case. Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost, Revolution) plays Linda Burdick, lead council on the case. She was a pleasure to watch as always. And, as Casey Anthony’s defense lawyer Jose Baez, Oscar Nunez (The Office), mostly known for comedy, does a great job in this role. He is so good as Anthony’s lawyer that you can see how he could have swayed the jury.

Prosecuting Casey Anthony is shown through the perspective of Rob Lowe’s character, Jeff Ashton. Ashton is still convinced of Anthony’s guilt and this Lifetime movie is based on his book Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony.

Prosecuting Casey Anthony will premiere on Lifetime, Saturday January 19, 2013 at 8pm. Immediately after this two hour movie, at 10pm, Beyond the Headlines: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, an in-depth look at the investigation.

I enjoyed watching Prosecuting Casey Anthony partly because I hadn’t followed the trial until the very end, so I learned a great deal. However, at the same time, watching this Lifetime movie renewed my anger at the verdict and our justice system. All three stars of this movie are charismatic and added to making the movie so watchable.


  1. You tackle tough subjects well. This couldn’t even be easy to watch…the fact that you reviewed it shows your commitment to your readers!

  2. wow, I would have had a hard time watching this!

  3. I actually really want to watch this -it will be interesting to hear it from the prosecutor’s perspective.

  4. I’m not sure I’d be able to sit through this without getting really emotional. Such an awful thing.

  5. I had no idea they were making a movie about this. I’m interested in true crime, and will certainly be looking for this program!

  6. Melissa Pezza :

    I really want to watch this! It would be interesting to see.

  7. I am not sure I care to watch this….

  8. I will watch this, like a car wreck, compelling to look away!

  9. I love Rob Lowe, but I’m not sure about this movie.

  10. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I do remember a very shocking and controversial trial…

  11. Rebecca Green Gasper :

    I love how lifetime does such a great job with ‘real-life’ issues and taking them to the screen. I have enjoyed (or learned from) a lot of their movies. I think I will check this one out on the 19th.

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