Playstation 3 Video Montage of New and Upcoming Games

Sony Playstation is coming out with many new games this fall, just in time for the holiday season. I was invited to an event in which I got to check out many of the new games. Wow! I especially loved the brand new Wonderbook: Book of Spells and Epic Mickey 2. Even though they both might seem childish, I guarantee that players of all ages will enjoy them both.

Here is a montage video clip of Playstation’s new games coming out soon, with a few recent games mixed in. (tip: you might want to keep the volume low or off since there is no sound from the games, but I accidentally talk at times)

From the look of things, you might be adding many of these PS3 games to your wish list this holiday season.

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  1. The new games look great! Thanks for posting this video so we can see them before they come…

  2. So glad you got to go to that- the games look like fun!

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