Play Matters: Help Kaboom Create Playgrounds for Kids Everywhere

Did you know that not having enough playtime as a child can cause physical, intellectual, social, and emotional harm. That is why it is important that all children have access to play areas. Kaboom is a nonprofit whose mission is to make sure that there is a playground in every community.

Just as I believe that playing video games has many benefits, Outdoors active play has many other benefits. Kids should experience them all. To help create play spaces everywhere, Kaboom:

  1. Constructs innovate play spaces
  2. Shares knowledge and tools needed for others to construct or repair playspaces
  3. Builds a movement towards this goal
Check out Kaboom’s video:
What can you do to help:
  1. Sign up on Kaboom and Pledge to save play
  2. Host a Play Day to help advocate for all communities to have adequate play spaces
  3. Volunteer for a local project
  4. Read Kaboom’s Play Day blog to learn more about the issues
  5. Use tools and resources from Kaboom to build a playground
There is a contest running on Kaboom’s Facebook page. Share a photo of a playground that you love, and why and you will be entered to win some great outdoor toys. The deadline for entries is February 19, 2013.
Are you wondering why such a big deal is being made about play? Play has physical, emotional, social and cognitive impacts on kids. Read more on the Kaboom website on why play matters. It really does.

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  1. Outdoor play is so very important to the heath of children. Thank you for sharing this important information and organization.

  2. what a great non profit company and i agree that playtime has a great impact in a positive way for children!

  3. Danielle Simmons :

    What a fabulous organization! I definitely know that we are lacking in parks in our area. SO much so that we purchased a play structure for our front yard so we wouldn’t have to get in the car and drive 15-20 minutes to the nearest playground each day.

  4. Play is *so* important. I think a lot of adults tend to forget that exploring through play is children’s natural way of learning. :)

  5. Stefani @ :

    My kids love to play and we happen to live right by a park!

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