Play Active Video Games for Fitness With the PALA Challenge

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The President’s Council on Fitness, Software and Nutrition (PCFSN) has teamed up with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and its member companies to help motivate Americans to play active video games as part of a healthy lifestyle. As part of this quest, The Presidential Lifestyle Award (PALA) was created to encourage those who participate to track their activity levels to try to earn this award.

Anyone can participate in PALA. It is for people of all ages and would be a great way for families to connect. Active video games, such as sports and dance games, are always fun for families to play together to begin with. But add on the incentive of an award and it can really bring you all closer.

You can sign up to participate in PALA on the President’s Challenge Website. On this page there are recommended video games to play, other activities you can do and even nutrition tips.

The ESA member companies are EA Sports, Konami, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft. Most games will require the PlayStation Move, Xbox Kinect or the Nintendo Wii or Wii U. Each gaming company offers suggestions on how to get active with at least one of its games.

For an example of these suggestions, here are Sony’s tips on how to get the most out of MLB12: The Show with PlayStation Move:

Rack up your 30-60 minutes of active play time with a full 9-inning game, and round out your experience with a few rounds at the plate in Home Run Derby.

Full 9-Inning Game: On average, it takes 45-60 minutes to complete a regulation game of MLB® 12 The Show™ . In that time you can expect to:

Throw between 100-140 pitches

Swing the bat 80-110 times

Home Run Derby: The game’s Home Run Derby mode offers you the ability to keep swinging for the fences. Each standard round (10 outs) can take anywhere between 2-8 minutes to complete (depending on how many HR’s you can hit) and can be repeated as many times as you would like.

MLB® 12 The Show™ is designed to promote proper technique when pitching and batting. The more that you pitch and swing the bat with a full range of motion, the better your results will be. Doing so will utilize major muscle groups in your arms, shoulders, back, legs and torso.

Exercise has never been so fun. Sign up for the PALA challenge, get fit, have fun, win an award and connect with your teens and tweens. The way I see it, this challenge is a win-win-win-win for everyone.

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Full Disclosure: I am part of the PlayStation Family. However, I do not get paid  and wrote this post without being asked to.

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  1. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell :

    My favorite part is that it’s something you can do with the kids!

  2. Cheap Is The *New* Classy :

    Thanks for this. I know that many people who play video games can use the suggestions of ones to play that involve more activity and work on physical fitness. What a great program.

    Play with your family and earn awards. Nice!


  3. Stefani @ :

    I just was thinking today I want to get some exercise with my Wii Fit that I haven’t ever hooked up.

  4. This is really cool. I will only play video games with the kids that are active, so this is really cool.

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