Nintendo 3DS Tip Sheet for Parents

 Nintendo 3DS Tip Sheet for Parents Nintendo 3DS Tip Sheet for ParentsThe Nintendo® 3DS Nintendo 3DS Tip Sheet for Parents™ is this year’s hottest new gaming device, offering a portable 3D gaming experience that the whole family can enjoy.  At a glance, here is what parents should know about the Nintendo 3DS:

  • It’s 3D—without the glasses! You won’t need 3D glasses to experience the depth and richness in gaming on Nintendo’s 3DS.
  • With the 3DS, you can play 3D video games, capture photos and videos in 3D and then share them with friends using the built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Parental Controls are available to restrict the 3D mode for children ages 6 and under.

 Other product features include:

  • An adjustable stylus that extends up to four inches in length so it’s easy to hold and use
  • Six “augmented reality” cards that come to life with a 3D image when detected by the 3DS cameras
  • Great built-in software, such as Face Raiders™, Nintendo 3DS Sound and the Mii Maker™ application, which turns a self-portrait taken using the 3DS into an animated, 3D Mii avatar

There are already a wide variety of games for the 3DS available, such as Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Nintendo 3DS Tip Sheet for Parents, Rayman Nintendo 3DS Tip Sheet for Parents, Madden NFL Football Nintendo 3DS Tip Sheet for Parents and Super Monkey Ball Nintendo 3DS Tip Sheet for Parents. With new, exciting games for all ages, the Nintendo 3DS is something the whole family can enjoy. For more on ESRB ratings, visit the official ESRB website at

Trial stations of the 3DS are set up in most Target stores if you want to play it before you buy it. To save on the purchase of the Nintendo 3DS, Target’s guests can trade-in a Nintendo DS and receive up to $50 in store credit that may be applied toward the purchase of a Nintendo 3DS or other Target purchases.

Do you already own a Nintendo 3DS? If so, what do you think about it. If not, do you plan on buying one? Are you waiting for holiday season?

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