New Summer TV Series Schedule 2012

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HBO's The Newsroom
The Newsroom on HBO

I just finished watching all the season finales of my favorite TV shows and I’m already looking for what to watch this summer. Here is a description and premiere date of all the new TV series that will begin airing in prime time during the summer of 2012. In my next post I’ll be listing the schedule of summer’s returning TV series 50 Returning Summer TV Series 2012.


3 – Reality series about three women’s search for love. [CBS 7/22 at 9pm]

Longmire -Based on the mystery novel series of the same name. Starring Robert Taylor, Bailey Chase and Katee Sackhoff.  [A&E 6/3 at 10pm]

The Newsroom – New Aaron Sorkin drama series starring Jeff Daniels. [HBO  6/24 at 10pm]

The Great Escape – Reality competition series in which 2-person teams are dropped into the middle of their own epic action adventure movie. [TNT 6/24 10pm]

Small Town Security – Reality series  focused on a small, family-owned private security company located in rural Georgia. [AMC  7/15 at 11pm]

Married to Jonas – Reality series about Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle. [E! 7/19 at 10pm]

Political Animals – Six week miniseries starring Sigourney Weaver as a divorced former First Lady and current Secretary of State. [USA 7/15 at 10pm]


Starring Sutton Foster as a Las Vegas showgirl who impulsively marries a man, moves to his sleepy coastal town, and takes an uneasy role at her new mother-in-law’s dance school. Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls). [ABC Family 6/11 at 9p]

Push GirlsReality series about four disabled women in Los Angeles. [Sundance 6/4 at 10pm]

The Glass House Similar to reality series Big Brother, according to CBS, who is suing ABC over airing it. [ABC 6/18 at 10pm]

Opening ActReality series which gives live bands the opportunity to become opening acts for music celebrities on tour. [E! 7/9 at 10pm]

Perception – Crime drama starring Eric McCormack as a neuroscientist assisting the FBI. [TNT 7/9 at 10pm]

Major Crimes – Spin-off of the Closer, this drama stars Mary McDonnell (BSG). [TNT 8/13 at 10pm, regular time thereafter at 9pm]


The Catalina – Reality series about the young, wild staff of the Catalina Hotel in South Beach, Miami. [CW 5/29 at 8pm]

Barter Kings – Reality series about people that make deals without cash, by bartering or trading. [A&E 6/12 at 9pm]

Trust Us With Your Life – Improvisational comedy hosted by Fred Willard. [ABC 7/10 at 9pm]

Craft Wars – Reality competition hosted by Tori Spelling in which crafters compete. [TLC 6/26 at 10pm]

Final Witness – Crime series combining documentary and drama, focusing on a different real-life murder each week. [ABC 7/10 at 10pm]


Dogs in the City – Reality series in which a dog training expert helps his clients solve pet issues. [CBS 5/30 at 8pm]

Baby Daddy – Sitcom about a single guy in his twenties, who raises his baby after the mother leaves it on his doorstep. [ABC Family 6/20 at 8:30]

Dallas – Continuation of the original Dallas series, focusing mainly on J.R. Ewing III and Christopher Ewing (J.R. and Bobby’s sons). [TNT 6/13 at 9pm]


Beverly Hills Nannies –
Reality series about nannies working for the rich in Beverly Hills. [ABC Family 7/11 at 9pm]

Inside Men – Drama about security company employees trying to pull off a big heist. [BBC America 6/20 at 10pm]

The Soul Man – Spin-off of Hot in Cleveland starring Cedric the Entertainer as a reverend who has to balance his wild past as an R&B singer with his life as a reverend. [TV Land 6/20 at 10pm]


Duets – Singing competition in which contestant teams up with a music celebrity. [ABC 5/24 at 8pm]

Breaking Point – Reality series showing the dark side of the world of ballet. [CW 5/31 at 8pm]

The Choice – Dating game show, with celebrities in turn-around seats like The Voice, choosing dates. [Fox 6/14 at 9pm]

Anger Management – Sitcom starring Charlie Sheen based on the Jack Nicholson movie. [FX 6/28 at 9pm]

Saving Hope – Supernatural medical drama in which the Chief of Surgery is in a coma, yet can wander the hospital in spirit form. [NBC 6/7 at 10pm]

Saving Hope

Snooki & JWoww – Reality show spin-off of the Jersey Shore. [MTV 6/21 at 10pm]


Comedy Bang! Bang! – Based on the popular podcast of the same name, the comedy riffs on the late night talk show format. [IFC 6/8 at 10pm]

Bunk – Comedy game show where comedians compete in crazy challenges. [IFC 6/8 at 10:30pm]

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