New Sifteo Cubes: Interactive Educational Gaming Better Than Ever

Have you ever seen the interactive educational game cubes from Sifteo? You might have seen the original set which came out last year. As revolutionary as these gaming cubes were, they were limited. The brand new Sifteo Cubes Interactive Game System has a large variety of games and game types and can also be expanded with extra cubes.

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What exactly are Sifto Cubes? They are motion-aware 1.7 inch blocks with full color touch sensitive LCDs. The cubes communicate wirelessly and respond to each others proximity and players’ gestures. It is a gaming experience that will get minds and hands moving. The new set of Sifteo Cubes features enhanced technology and deeper gameplay.

The original Sifteo Cubes have won numerous awards. The new set uses games that include sequences to strategy to mazes and involve critical thinking skills. Included are the games:

  • Chroma Splash
  • Cube Buddies
  • Code Cracker
  • Word Caravan
  • Sandwich Kingdom
Both my son and I had a great time playing these. I preferred the puzzle and word type games. He enjoyed them all but especially the story games. Check out this very short video of my son using Sifteo Cubes:

Here is where Sifteo began. Watch the TED Talk where they were introduced to the world:

You can buy the new set of Sifteo Cubes Intelligent Game Play on the Sifteo Website. They will also be available soon from Amazon, and other retailers. The set retails for $129.99 which is less than a video game system. What a fantastic holiday present this would make for tweens and teens.

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  1. Great post!

  2. It really validates this product along with the TED talk!

  3. I think I’d love this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These look amazing, any age? Are they just for teens or are there things younger children could do with them?

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