My Teenage Son Thinks My Blog is Cool

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Last night my nineteen year old son was stuck in due to a snowstorm and we had some great bonding time together. The best part was that he told me about something that happened that made him think I was cool, or at least that this blog is.

We were discussing our favorite TV show, Lost, as we often do. He told me that a week or two before he did a search on Google to find a recap for the latest Lost episode. My blog came up at the top of the search rankings. He was so impressed that this could happen to his mom’s blog. He even told some friends and they were impressed. It isn’t everyday that my son brags about something I did to his friends. (However, it took him two weeks to remember to tell me this story).

While we were talking I told him of a few other phrases that I know always brings many visitors to this blog (ex. Life on Mars songs). He tried searching them and lo and behold they all came up within the top five results on Google. He got more impressed as time went on. That lead to a discussion of the TV shows, music and movies that I write about, which really created a full circle, because discussing these things with my sons is what gave me the idea to write Connect with your Teens with Pop Culture and Technology to begin with. Then his girlfriend called, and bonding time was over.

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  1. Congratulations. I’d love to hear that from our 17 years old. I just read that Google does not search blogger tags. I would love for you to share any tricks of the trade to getting more traffic.

  2. Wait…

    If a kid thinks his mom’s blog is cool, doesn’t that immediately rank him as uncool?

    Kids aren’t allowed to think their parents, or their endeavors, are cool. No matter how cool they are.

    At least that’s what mine tell me. But then, I blog about them, not about their favorite TV shows. Maybe I’m in the wrong line of work?

  3. Thanks both Sabra and LLnL. I have a blogger blog and I’ve always done well in Google. I don’t think the tags are that important. You want to make sure the your keywords are used in your post title, first paragraph and last paragraph. Also, it helps if you get links to your post out there so I submit my post to digg, reddit, propeller, etc. Linking from one post to another within your own blog is very helpful, but only do so if it is relevant. That is it. I have no other secrets.

  4. Actually, it wasn’t so much by blog itself he thought was cool, but its Google rankings, especially on posts on topics he likes, such as Lost.

  5. That is really cool. It’s hard to connect with youngins these days.

  6. That is cool on so many levels. How nice that he digs your site and even told his friends.

  7. Wow! Congratulations! Not many parents get to know that their kids think they’re cool.

  8. Found you on TwitterMoms and came to check this out. Very inspiring! I have two boys so I know I’m heading down the path of needing to find ways to keep connecting. Can’t play LEGOs forever.

  9. I hope my son, who has a ways to go before being a teenager, will think I’m cool. You and your blog are cool, btw – but I know how it makes you feel to know that your son does too!

  10. What a great post. That must have been a wonderful time together. Kudos for being one of the COOL moms…at least for a little while.

  11. dayum… I’m a son (20) and I’m just amazed at the effort parents put toward getting closer to their kids. More so, I’m surprised by the importance put on your kids thinking you’re “cool”. Just do what you do. I’d think my mom was cooler if she wasn’t so worried about being “cool”. She goes to such lengths to make sure that I enjoy her that it puts pressure on me to be like “gee-golly”. It’s like “how’d you like the movie?” “why? did you not like it? yea, I guess that’s sort of an old and uncool movie. we’ll watch a cooler one next time”. And all I really wanted to do was say was “yea, I liked it.”
    Anyway, that’s just my two cents for “connecting with your teens”.
    P.S. I just find it humorous, but some teens might see making such a big deal out of the word “cool” as uncool (I know, I know). It’s a very chill word, cool, and you gotta treat it with chill tones. So what might’ve happened: “hey, that blog of yours is pretty cool; it came up on my google search results” “O_O! you think I’m… cooooooooool!?” “um… yea, sure”.

  12. Tim,
    Thank you so much for your thoughts. It is good to hear from the other side.

  13. your blog is really cool and your site is on top of google search rankings, what else can you ask

  14. Just to follow-up on the message from LLnL; I too believe that you have much to teach those of us who are lost in the unfamiliar territory of blogging.

    Just as an example, in your response to LLnL you explain, “…I submit my post to digg, reddit, propeller, etc.”

    Just within that explanation are many small steps that novice bloggers could use a “how to” breakdown.

    Just a thought……..

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