Moms and Daughters Share ‘Think’ by Lisa Bloom

 Moms and Daughters Share Think by Lisa Bloom Moms and Daughters Share Think by Lisa BloomIf there is one book that you and your daughter should both read, it is Think, by Lisa Bloom Moms and Daughters Share Think by Lisa Bloom. In Think, Bloom discusses our American culture that rewards a girl’s beauty more than her brains. A culture in which women now lead men in education and employment, yet many females care more about being hot than being smart. Hopefully, while reading this eye-opening book, you will “THINK” about what is really important in life.

I have to admit that much of this obsession with looks and frivolous things comes from pop culture. However, as much as I love pop culture, I take it for what it is. I love what I see on screen, the stories and the characters. I don’t get involved with the real life antics of the actors or their looks, most of which are air-brushed or fake.

To get an idea of how wonderful Lisa Bloom’s ideas are, read this article that she published this past June in the Huffington Post, How to Talk to Little Girls. She was at a dinner party and the host’s 5-year old daughter entered. Instead of saying the usual “you are so cute/adorable/precious type of comments that make little girls think that looks are the most important thing, she asked the girl about her favorite book. Read the rest to get the full message.

So now we really have two missions after reading Think Moms and Daughters Share Think by Lisa Bloom. We should try to always put our brains before our looks. And even more importantly we should help young girls get the message that their brains are more important than their looks, before the fashion and celebrity magazines and reality TV shows get to them. For help in doing all this, I highly recommend reading Think by Lisa Bloom Moms and Daughters Share Think by Lisa Bloom.

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