Minecraft and Minecraft for Dummies Reviewed

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What is Minecraft? It is an award-winning open-ended video game that allows for a tremendous amount of creativity. Available on your computer, mobile devices and Xbox 360, Minecraft is considered a Sandbox game, which is an open world where you can explore freely. Of course there is a little more to Minecraft. The description from Mincecraft for Dummies is:

Minecraft is about gathering resources and building structures while facing monsters. The world of Minecraft is composed of cubic blocks, which you can break and replace to build houses and craft items.

So why would you need a How-To book for this game. Minecraft is full of educational, creative and interactive opportunities. I highly recommend this game for parents and teachers. In fact there is a website, Minecraftedu which gives teachers lesson plans to use with Minecraft. Minecraft for Dummies is a perfect way for parents and teachers to learn the game since adults don’t dive into a game as easily as a child, especially one so open-ended.

Minecraft for Dummies will guide you through every single step of the game, from registering through various gameplay options. You will learn so much that even if your kids don’t want to read the book you can offer them advice. There is a chapter on playing Minecraft in multiplayer mode which would allow the family to play together.

Minecraft is an amazing game. I included it in my list of highly recommended games in my book, The Gamer Generation: Reaping the Benefits of Video Games. And it is also extremely well loved with over 8 million players.

What I like best about the Minecraft for Dummies book is the help it gives at the beginning of the game. Although Sandbox or open-ended games have great benefits, it can be difficult to decide what to do when there is no direction at all. That is what happened to me. I was wandering around like I was lost. Minecraft for Dummies gave me that direction. The book gave me a much better understanding of Minecraft. And this is a game worth understanding.

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  1. Sippy Cup Mom :

    I have heard so much about this game lately! Looks like the book is a good resource!

  2. I’ll have to share this with my nephew. I’m pretty sure this is one of the games he most likes to play.

  3. Laura O in AK :

    My boys LOVE to play Minecraft. Of course, I’m the one who’d need the ‘Dummies’ book as they pick it up so easily.

  4. Timely. My son has just gotten in to this, and it would help if I understand it better.

  5. How cool, I didn’t know they had “For Dummies” books for video games. Will have to check into additional titles. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have a friend that will love, love, love this!

  7. Sounds like a fun game so thanks for sharing. Good they have a book to give advice on it.

  8. My entire family is hooked on Mindcraft.. OMG I need this book.. I’m soo clueless. This is soo cool; thanks for a great review and I’m on the hunt for the book now.

  9. My oldest is completely hooked on this game! I may have to get her that book. There are some amazing things that people have built in the creative section of this game.

  10. Mellissa Hanks :

    My son LOVES this game but I could really use this book so I knew what he was talking about.lol

  11. never heard of this game but it looks fun and i know a few people who would really enjoy it!

  12. Darlene http://adventuresofamiddleagemom.com :

    Without some “instructions” I wouldn’t have as much fun playing the game. The “For Dummies” series was smart to write it for people like me.

  13. Great review! Minecraft for Dummies has been selling out on Amazon but it is going into reprint and should also be available in Europe this Monday. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Minecraft-Dummies-Portable-Edition-Computer/dp/1118537149/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1364064757&sr=8-1

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