Michael Jackson: I’ll Remember the Early Years

Off The WallSince learning of Michael Jackson’s death, I have been thinking of the Michael Jackson we all knew and loved during the 1970s and 1980s. That is the way I want to remember him. However, I realized that my teenage sons and most of Gen Y, never knew that Michael Jackson.

To me, Michael Jackson was an extremely talented young man. To my kids, he was a weird androgynous person whose skin color changed and who allegedly molested young boys. They do appreciate the genius of Billy Jean and Beat It, but never made an effort to learn the rest of his music.

I have such memories of listening to the Jackson 5 during my tween years. I loved every single song they came out with. We were both approximately the same age, so when Off the Wall came out, it seemed the perfect music for that time in my life.

Then came Thriller. I still remember the first time I saw the music video of Thriller and was just as scared as if I was watching a horror movie. I remember the first time he performed his moon walk live on a Motown special. During the mid 1980s, the Thriller years, Michael Jackson really was the King of Pop.

Do you remember We are the World? The song for this charitable music video was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie and Michael was one of the key performers:

That is the Michael Jackson I am going to remember. And I am going to try to share those memories with my teenage sons. I want them to see the huge talent and genius that Michael Jackson was.

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  1. oh my my old lady made me watch this :) Sad new isn’t it!

  2. A charmed life.

  3. I so agree – that’s the Michael Jackson I want to remember too. I remember him as a 5 yr old (or so), extremely talented. The Moon Walk, Billie Jean, Beat It, & Thriller – nothing like it. Thanks for saying this

  4. I cant believe his dead -what a loss…and he was only 50!i’ve posted info about his death 2 if you want to check it out..

  5. I cant believe his dead!its a really big loss

  6. Oh, i am one of his fan here in the Philippines. i was so sad when i read that he’s dead already. Yeah, that;s what i want to remember him. Infact his “Ben” made me won in so many singing competition when i was young. Until now, i still have collection of his music. Luckily, my eldest likes his music or songs too and he can even dance the moon walk steps..Michael died so young.

  7. that’s the michael jackson i will remember also.

  8. So young and such a talent. I’ve always liked him as a performer but sometimes wondered at his life choices, but them we all have our own road to follow. He will be sorely missed.

  9. the early Michael is the one that I will remember the most as well.

  10. Without a doubt the Michael Jackson I will remember, I can be anywhere and hear any of the songsa above and instantly smile.

    Get me in a bar and throw a little “Billy Jean” on and watch out!

  11. I like your perspective…I always remember having heard the Jackson’s music (and hence Michael’s vocals) – but I wasn’t aware…I hope we can all remember MJ like this – although I have no problem remembering his more recent works – I think they are all wonderful and inspiring!

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    Michael Jackson was a sensational singer with absolute high-clarity voice. He’ll be remembered for long time like BeeGees and Beatles

  13. I think he will forever be remembered by everyone who was around while he was at his prime. Even younger people I talk to today have amazing respect for his music. The man may be dead, but his music lives on.

  14. I so agree – that’s the Michael Jackson I want to remember too. He was one of the big artists of thelast century.

  15. Great artist!! Great times!! Thank you.

  16. Read the post with Michaels music in my head. He was and is still one of the greatest artists ever.

  17. That’s the Michael Jackson i will remember

  18. He was inspiring people by showing off his skill, as an artist and as a human being.He is still with us.

  19. His soul is still alive with us. One of the best artist in the world.

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