Lost ‘The Last Recruit’ Quotes and Notes

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The Last Recruit was such a great episode of Lost because finally everyone is coming together, both on the Island and in the flash sideways. Every Lost regular appeared in this episode except for Richard. All of flash sideways stories are merging together. We also got some answers and a very happy reunion.

Quotes and Notes from “The Last Recruit“, episode 12 of The Final Season of Lost:

Flash Sideways:

1. Locke arrived at the hospital at the exact same time as Sun. When Sun saw him she was terrified as said, “Its him! Its him!” Why was she so scared. Did she see visions of him from the Island?

2. James has Kate at the police station. He says to her, “Don’t you think its weird that we were on the same flight, we meet in the elevator and then of all the cars in L.A., you run into me.” Sounds almost like Casablanca? Although it seems like he is talking about fate, there doesn’t seem to be any signs of recognition from either of them. After Kate tells James that he didn’t turn her in at the airport because he didn’t want anyone to know he went to Australia and then uses that to try to get him to let her go now, James smiles and says “I Like You!” The con man in him is enjoying Kate.

3. Miles pulls James aside to tell him about a shooting at a restaurant (where Sun and Jin were) and they have a picture of Sayid leaving and think he did it.

4. Claire is signing into the building of the adoption agency when Desmond approaches her. They take the elevator together to the 15th floor (the numbers). He tells her that she should use a lawyer and he is owed a favor by one so she can get the service for free. She goes with him. I thought he was bringing her to Charlie to get her to remember the Island, but that isn’t what happened. It turns out that Illana is the attorney and when she hears Claire’s name she says, “What a coincidence, we’ve been looking for you“.

5. Sayid runs into Nadia’s house and says that everything will be okay but he has to leave forever. Miles and James arrive and James captures Sayid.

6. Jack and his son, David, enter Illana’s office for his father’s will reading. Illana asks Jack if he believes in fate and then introduces them to Claire. They meet Claire and she tells Jack that his father is “my father too“. Jack looks shocked and upset. He then gets an emergency call to go to the hospital.

7. Sun awakens in the hospital and asks Jin what happened. He tells her she is fine and so is the baby. Then he says, “Its over and we’re ALL going to be okay“. What did he mean they all? Could he have just meant him, her and the baby?

8. David goes with Jack to the hospital and their relationship seems much better than before. Jack scrubs into Locke’s surgery and when he sees Locke’s face he says “I think I know this guy“. I am assuming that he recognizes him from their talk after flight 815 when they both had lost luggage. I have a feeling that Jack will not only keep Locke alive but he will fix his paralysis also.

On the Island

1. The Island part of the episode began exactly where Last week’s “Everybody Loves Hugo” episode ended, with the two groups coming together. When Flocke sees Jack he says, “Hello Jack, I was hoping you’d come. I think we have some catching up to do“. Even though Jack is not playing the role of leader anymore, Locke still chose Jack to speak to. Why?

2. Jack asks Flocke why he chose John Locke’s body, Flocke replies, “Cause he was stupid enough to think he was brought here for a reason, because he pursued that belief until it got him killed and because you were nice enough to bring him back in a wooden box.” Ironic that now Jack has those same beliefs that Locke did.

3. Finally, somebody asks a question that we all want to know. Jack asked Flocke, “Who else have you looked like?” We finally find out that Flocke was Jack’s father on the Island. He said that he used Jack’s father to lead them to water (season 1 episode, White Rabbit). This makes me think that Eloise is somehow working with Flocke/MIB because why else would she have had Jack bring his father’s shoes to the Island? Then Flocke tells Jack, “All I’ve ever been interested in is helping you to leave, but because Jacob chose you, you were trapped on the Island.” Is it possible that Flocke is actually good and really is trying to help Jack? And why must they all leave together? Flocke also said, “John Locke was not a believer, he was a sucker.

4. Claire approaches Jack and Locke and when Locke asks her why she followed them, she says, pointing to Jack, “Cause he’s my brother“. How did she find out? Was it Flocke? After Flocke leaves them alone, Claire tells Jack that she is glad he is going with them. Jack says that he still hasn’t decided. Claire replies, “You decided the moment yu let him talk to you. So like it or not, your with him now“. She knew what she was talking about.

5. When Sawyer tells Hurley the plan, Hurley asks why Sayid isn’t included. Sawyer says because Sayid has gone over to the dark side.  Hurley says, “You can bring people back from the dark side, what about Anakin?” Another Star Wars reference (Anakin Skywalker) from Hurley. Sawyer didn’t get it.

 6. Zoey appears and shows the group that they have the ability to blow them up. She tells Flocke that he has until nightfall to return what they took (Desmond). Flocke says, “Well here we go“, realizing that everything is going to now escalate.

7. Flocke sends Sawyer to get his sailboat and Sawyer takes Kate. Before he leaves he tells Jack that they have to get away from Flocke and meet at the sailboat because he made a deal with Widmore.

8. Flocke tells Sayid to kill Desmond. When Sayid appears at the well and points his gun at Desmond, Desmond says, “So what did he offer you?” Sayid replies, “He told me I could get something back that I lost. The woman I loved“. When Desmond asks where she is now, Sayid tells him that she is dead. Desmonds asks how he can be sure that Flocke can bring her back and Sayid says because Flocke brought him back. Then Desmond says, “So what will you tell this woman when she asks you what you did to be with her again?” Very smart. Even though Sayid later tells Locke that he killed Desmond, I don’t think he did.

9. When Sawyer sees the boat he says “There she blows“. He tells Kate his plan. When telling Kate who they are taking with them, when he gets to Frank he says, “That pilot looks like he stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie“.

10. When Jack asks Claire why she trusts Flocke, she says, “Because he’s the only one that didn’t abandon me“. When Jack runs off with Sun, Hurley and Frank, Claire sees them (they are abandoning her again). When they arrive at the boat, Sawyer says, “Nice job Doc“. Then Claire shows up pointing her gun. Kate convinces her to come along saying she can bring her to Aaron. Claire agrees but says, “When he finds out we’re gone, he’s going to be mad“.

11. On the boat, while at sea, Sawyer and Jack talk. Sawyer says, “Taking orders ain’t your strong suit. Nice to see you coming on board“. However, Jack, sounding a lot like the old Locke says, “It doesn’t feel right leaving the Island. We were brought here because we were supposed to do something. If Flocke wants us to leave, maybe he’s scared of what will happen if we stay. The Island is not done with us yet“. Sawyer tells him to leave, so Jack jumps off the boat and swims back to shore. Before he leaves he apologizes to Sawyer again for Juliet’s death.

12. Flocke greets Jack when he arrives on shore with, “Nice day for a swim. Sawyer took my boat, didn’t he?

13. On Hydra Island, Sawyer’s group walks to shore from the boat. Zoey’s group comes out pointing guns at them. When Zoey recognizes Sawyer she tells everyone its okay and they drop their guns. Then, just as I hoped, Jin stepped out and him and Sun see each other. They can’t believe it and run together. Its been 3 years and everyone is overwhelmed by their reunion. Sawyer even tears up. Sun can now speak English again. Jin tells Sun, “We’ll never part again, I promise you“. I hope he can keep that promise.

14. Zoey gets a call from Widmore and her group raises their guns again. She tells them “Deals off!”

15. Back on the main Island, there is an explosion right where Flocke’s group is. Jack is thrown. Flocke picks him up and carries him away. He tells Jack, “Don’t worry, its all going to be okay. Your with me now.”

1. Did Sawyer’s group make a mistake in leaving Flocke and trusting Widmore?
2. Does Flocke really want to help Jack?
3. Is Desmond alive?
4. When the explosion occurred we didn’t see Sayid. Was he hurt or killed?
5. What is Widmore up to?

Next week, April 27th, ABC is showing a rerun of  Richard’s Lost episode “Ab Aeterno” so we have to wait two weeks for the next episode. After that we have 3 new one-hour episodes left and then the two-hour finale. I really have absolutely no idea how Lost is going to end. Do any of you?

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